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Germany: A High Culture Jewelry Centre

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , May 31, 2018

The thriving watch and jewelry industry in Pforzheim is called the "City of Gold."

Germany has a long tradition of making jewelry. Find out a collective tribe of creative jewelers who are flourishing there.

Germany has a long and rich history of jewelry production, especially in the city of Pforzheim. The thriving watch and jewelry industry in Pforzheim is called the "City of Gold."

Germany's Jewelry Tradition

The tradition dates back to 1767 when the Lord of the City founded a watch and jewelry factory in the local orphanage. Today, Pforzheim houses the world's only jewelry museum with exhibitions dating back more than 5000 years, as well as the famous design school and Institute of Jewellery Technology at the University of Pforzheim.Wellendorff, one of the oldest jewelers in Germany, was founded in 1893 in Pforzheim and is still present. In the fourth generation of family businesses Wellendorff proudly carries the flag "Made in Germany." The jeweler is best known for its iconic, soft and flexible necklace of gold and enameled spider rings.No wonder that the first jewelry collection of the German porcelain specialist Meissen was very well received. Meissen, founded in 1710 by Emperor Augustus van Sterke, has grown from a porcelain factory to an international luxury and lifestyle brand that includes fashion, accessories, and jewelry, as well as home accessories and works of art.

The silver is produced by Meissen Italia, a regional company founded in Milan in 2012. Although hand-painted porcelain often origins of Meissen Couture's jewelry collections, the jewelry also offers crystals, diamonds, colored gems, and gold.Nature and avant-garde art together form unique pieces by Atelier Zobel. In his studio on Lake Constance, at the northern foot of the Alps, designer Peter Schmidt begins with the natural crystal structures of gemstones and then makes jewelry with fascinating metal contrasts inspired by urban landscapes.Schreiner Fine Juwels in Munich is another company that has worn German jewelry on the world stage. The name is synonymous with modern luxury, and Schreiner's spectacular jewelry regularly appears on the red carpet and the social pages of international magazines. The latest collection is a masterpiece of colored sapphires and tanzanite in combination with the most exquisite diamonds. This pair of handmade diamonds and sapphire earrings embodies the magnetic signature of the brand and attention to detail.

Jewelry Retailers

With an impressive list of retailers, including Colette in Paris, Dover Street Market in London and Maxfield in Los Angeles, Germany also has a handful of great local jewelry Retailers. Baunat for example offers diamond jewelry pieces which are made by some of the best Belgium craftsman. While Baunat´s jewelry is being produced in Belgium, they still play a huge role in the German jewelry market. They have offices worldwide and started to expand in Germany with the opening of their office in Düsseldorf.ConclusionGermany has a great history of jewelry development. Having a relatively long tradition in crystals, diamonds, colored gems, and gold creation, Germany thrives by focusing on high-quality work. Their profound effort is made clear by traditional family companies and also many retailers that are well known. Either way, if you are into jewelry, Germany most likely will be a beautiful place for you to dig deeper into.

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