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A Look at Different Types of Horse Trailers Available on the

Looking for a horse trailer? Here are some popular options.

Whether you own horses or deal in them, you must consider investing in a horse trailer that can help you transport these beautiful beasts.Horse trailers are designed specially for this purpose and usually have adjustable vents and windows to ensure comfort. Many trailers have adjusted suspension to help avoid stress that can result from bumps. Investing in new horse trailers, however, can leave you thousands of dollar poorer. Instead, consider investing in salvage horse trailers for sale. Many auctioneers organize several horse trailer auctions throughout the year. You can participate in these auctions to buy a used horse trailer at dirt cheap prices. To help you make the right moves when investing in a salvage horse trailer for sale, the post lists some popular variants. Take a look.

1. Bumper Pulls

Also known as tag alongs, these horse trailers come with a hitch affixed to the vehicle’s frame located below the rear bumper. Tag alongs can haul up to four horses depending on the trailer’s size. Bumper pulls, however, are less stable as compared to goosenecks and often sway with strong winds. Parking can also be a hassle. Avoid hitching the trailer to the bumper, as it can result in stability issues.

2. Goosenecks

Gooseneck trailers are more stable as compared to bumper pulls and are easier to handle. These trailers are heavier than tagalongs and often perform better with a larger truck. Though, gooseneck trailers are not known for their fuel efficiency, they are a better option when transporting more than two horses.

3. Slants

Also known as front-load trailers, these vehicles are more spacious, and can accommodate more horses as compared to other horse trailers. There are two types of slants available on the market. In both the types, the horses stand at a 45 degree angle from the road. Slant horse trailers are often used to transport horses over long distances.

4. Stock Trailers

Though used commonly by farmers to haul cattle, stock trailers, owing to their designing that allows cross ventilation can come handy when transporting horses that do not like travelling in trailers. A stock trailer for cattle can be modified to a horse trailer by adding extra padding and increasing the vehicle’s height. Stock trailers are open boxes and do not have partitions. The most significant advantage of using a stock trailer is that it is designed to allow you tie the horses in an angle most conducive for travelling.


Hauling horses is not the same as transporting camping materials or other items, which is why you need horse trailers.These are some popular horse trailers available on the market. Some other variants worth your consideration are: ramps, straight loads and ramps. When investing in a salvage horse trailer for sale, make sure the vehicle is in repairable condition and has minimal structure damages, if any.

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