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Top LED Light Bars for your home

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , May 23, 2018

Here are a few light bars which might fit to your requirements.

Proper lighting is needed to avoid accidents that can be the result of darkness. In absence of light many mishaps can take place which need to be stopped. To get a well-lit area you will need to install light bars. Light bars contain more than one bulb and provide ample light. When choosing light bars there is a variety you can choose from. The best light bars are the ones which are LED based. The key points to focus on when choosing a light bar are the intensity of light it produces, the output power it supplies, the many environments it can survive and the functionality it has to offer. With these as the basis of comparison and the durability of the components of the bars a person can decide the one which is the best for use. Here are a few light bars which might fit to your requirements.

POWLAB 20-inch 180W:

The LED has three rows and each row has 180W LED bulbs. The bulbs produce a straight beam of light, the intensity of which is 18000 lumens. The POWLAB is waterproof and thus it can be used anywhere. It is considered favorite for an off-road condition. It comes with a warranty of a year just to get your confidence. The biggest advantage this light serves is its compatibility with every vehicle too. The reflectors are so enhanced that the light reflects multiple times so that the wastage is reduced. The light from the bar fans out to the entire surrounding ensuring a better lit area. The issue with this bar is that it is expensive and since it is expensive it is not affordable by many and people who are in actual need of a product like this can’t buy it.

22000 Radiance Backlight Bar:

The light weight radiance bar is only 7 pounds in weight with a length of 20.5 inches. Along with the backlight comes the aluminum alloy housing. The design includes an exposed black printed circuit board (PCB) with light bulbs projecting from the front. It has a total of 9 LED bulbs each with a power rating of 86 Watts and 6 Amperes. With peak beam intensity of 157000 candelas and average light intensity generation of 5460 lumens it is one of the high power dissipating light bars. The advantage of this light bar is that it is durable. It can survive against all the common causes of mishaps and can even endure some challenging ones since it has aluminum housing which makes it safer. It provides high quality light due to the impact of polycarbonate lens. The only issue related to this bar is associated with its price. The light bar is really expensive due to which it isn’t feasible for the people who might be in need of it the most.

Above mentioned are few of the Prime LED Light Bar you can buy to have a long lasting and well lighted surrounding. You can research further but it is suggested that you choose the right one the first time so you don’t have to pay and experiment again and again.

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