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A Parent’s Guide to Planning the Perfect Party

by herbertp343 (writer), , May 09, 2018

When you’re done planning, your events will be the envy of all mothers and fathers.

Nowadays, being a parent is a full-time job. Not only are you responsible for feeding and clothing your children while keeping a roof over their heads, but you also have to be the “cool” parents. You can win points with your children by packing cool lunches, signing them up for great extracurricular activities, and throwing the best parties. However, all of this is much easier said than done. Keeping up with your kids can be an overwhelming task, but with a little help and planning you can become a superhero parent. And you can start with planning some amazing parties. When you’re done planning, your events will be the envy of all mothers and fathers.

Getting Started

There are so many things to think about while planning the perfect party for your child. As with any undertaking, it is great to start with a to-do list. Be sure you cover everything from making a guest list to purchasing the decor to buying party favors. Clearly, as with any good party, you have to have a purpose to celebrate, and of course, a theme. Is it a birthday party? An end of the soccer season get together? A party to celebrate the beginning of the next season of your favorite TV show? Whatever you are celebrating, it is sure to be a fabulously themed event.

Themes and Decorations

The theme of your party really can infiltrate every aspect of your planning. It is easy to start out by finding fun invitations. Let your guests know that they aren’t coming to a simple gathering, but an entire event. The more inventive you make your invite, the more excited guests will be from the start.

There are several stores and online sites that are dedicated to helping you decorate to the nines for your event. You can find everything from themed backgrounds to balloon animals. Often these vendors create different products that can help you keep your entire space on-theme. If you’re creating a movie star atmosphere, you can purchase a photo wall-type backdrop, mini Oscar awards, a red carpet to make all your guests feel like celebrities. This is an area where you really can go above and beyond.

Especially young party guests will love any sort of showy decorations. For young parties, maybe for a first or second birthday, children are still developing their motor skills. Surrounding them with fun colors and creative items can help them grow while having fun. There are so many themes focused on animals or kids favorite cartoons that they can enjoy, even if they aren’t quite old enough to understand. Plus, you’ll be able to get so many adorable pictures.

Party Games

Parties are usually quite a fun affair. And having organized games and activities can keep the fun under your own control. Beyond just pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, there are so many fun party games and activities to get your guests excited and energized, most of which are easy and affordable. Planning activities for the kids keeps them organized and on track. A three-hour party goes by much quicker when there is a plan and a set schedule. And don’t forget to also plan time in there for cake!

Party Favors

Obviously, you will be creating a memorable experience for your guests by simply hosting your fabulous party. There is also an opportunity to have them remember their time there. Many parties now have party favors you can give to the guests. This can apply to any party you are throwing. For most birthday parties, it is easy to send the guests home with a small coloring package or a bouncy ball or some bubbles. The options are endless and affordable. You can also get much more specific. For example, want to celebrate the end of your Fantasy Football season? You can purchase a fantasy football trophy to give out to your lucky winner. Finding the perfect party favors requires imagination and creativity. Chances are you can easily find or make exactly what you are searching for.

Something for the Adults

Now, we’ve been talking a lot about the kids, which are the main focus of a kids’ birthday party. However, there is always room to create fun for the adults as well. Especially if your party is for younger kids (think ages 1-3) the individuals who will remember the festivities are going to be the parents, not the children. You can create activities for the adults as well! And sometimes, those activities can involve a beer and beverage distributor in Portland. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a drink to celebrate the great job you are doing raising your child. (But please, enjoy responsibly.)

Honestly, parents often love to laugh along with their children, so feel free to involve the parents in your games. Sometimes adults need an excuse to hit a pinata and embrace their silliness in a party hat. With the adults you may not have to include the party favors or the specific invitations, but keeping them involved with their children will create a meaningful experience for everyone.

Making Everyone Feel Special

People throw parties as a celebration. Whether it is a birthday or a retirement, the point of a party is to make each other feel special. Throwing a party for your child is an easy way for you to show them how much they are loved. Roll out the red carpet and fire off a confetti cannon! And do that for your child and the entire guest list. Some great words to live by are, “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.” Planning the perfect party has a lot to do with logistics of decor and entertainment, but overall it is simply about creating an experience. Make a happy memory for your family and the families around you-because those memories will last a lifetime.

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