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Six Kinds of Roof You Don’t Know about

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , May 07, 2018

Let’s have a look on the different roofs that you can see and select for your house.

There are many kinds of roof that the roofing companies have introduced, but people are not aware of it. Let’s have a look on the different roofs that you can see and select for your house.

Shed Roof:

You may have seen the dormers on the roof that slant in one particular direction called shed roofs. Shed roofs looks nice because of the slant and they are also similar to gabled roofs. Yes, the shape of the roof is half-gabled that gives them distinctive look. The roofers find convenience in building the roof because all of the rafters of the roof are identical. You can see this kind of roof by consulting with a roofing contractor and then install the roof.

Curved Roof:

There is much need of expertise for installing the curved roof because of its design. It seems that there is a need of complicated and advanced tools for shaping the roof but the experts can also use primitive tools for bending branches and designing curves for forcing them in straight lines. The slate roof and the curved roofs have a similar design that people like a lot. You can see which one you like and give your house a new look.

Octagon Roof:

There are eight sides of octagon roof and the shape is adopted for round shaped buildings. The roofing agent divide the 360 degree in figure that is half and they further divide in half and then half for giving it a final shape/ Then the wind-it up to 22 ½ degree angle for building the roof of eight slides. The roof looks very beautiful and you can adopt the style if you have a large sized building with a round shape.

Hip Roof:

The roof has slop back with different four slides. The image of the roof looks very interesting because of the winded up without complications. It is a kind of shape of valleys where you can see the leaves accumulated at one place. The roof has a lot of similarity with the L-shaped buildings or gabled roof. If you like the design then you can install the new design at your house.

Mansard Roof:

Few people have heard about the mansard roof because it is the type of hip roof. In this type, the sloping sections of the roof divide in two sections. The section located near the walls of your house rise steeply for creating maximum enough space under the roof that also create more protection. The milder pitch starts towards the center of the roof in continuity. You can only observe and see the steep section while you stand on the ground and you can see the flat top of the house. The France style of buildings mostly have mansard roof.

Gabled but Curved Roofs:

The new category that we are now going to talk about is gabled but curved roofs that consist on the flat sections. It is easy to cover the roof virtually with any other material used for roofing. There are eyebrow dormers on the gabled roofs. You can also see the curved details but they are an exception so do not worry if you can’t find them. The shingles of gabled but curved roof can be made of metal or wood and the roofing companies can also use stone or any other material for making the shingles. It is recommended to not to use metal roofing because it is not considered suitable for the house. However, you can share your concern with any roofing contractors Dearborn Michigan for further consideration about the type of roofs.

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