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Planning to Buy a Tungsten Ring? Know Its Pros and Cons

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , May 03, 2018

Following are some of the points that will enable you to make your choice:

In the last few years, tungsten has gained popularity. Earlier the metal was only used in creating manufacturing tools and machinery items however now the metal is commonly used in making jewellery products. When the metal was launched, it was not as popular as it has become today. The popularity of the tungsten jewellery is higher among men as compared to women. Tungsten rings are now very commonly preferred by men for their marriage ceremony.

The rings are made by combining various carbon alloys with tungsten which gives a ring the durability that you will need. Some of the jewellery makers are adding cobalt instead of carbon alloys that can cause skin reactions. It is so essential to compare the available choices well before choosing one of the options. There are numerous benefits as well as disadvantages of buying a tungsten ring over the traditional jewellery materials. Following are some of the points that will enable you to make your choice:


? Tungsten rings are much more durable as compared to many other materials and they are scratch resistant to most materials. Hence such rings are a prime choice of men that are in the profession of working laboriously.

? They do not require much time and effort for maintenance. The ring will stay and look the same for a lifetime, and hence many couples prefer them as this reflect their vow of long-lasting love

? Tungsten rings are best for people that have skin allergies as tungsten is made with nickel as hinder


? The tungsten rings are much heavier than other standard rings because of the sheer weight of the metal. This is one of the reasons that men are the most common buyers of the ring as compared to women.

? Another problem with tungsten rings is the fact that they cannot be resized easily. If you end up buying a ring of the wrong size, you will have to live with it or buy another one. Even if you gain or lose weight, there is a high chance that the ring will not fit you.

? Because of the high durability of the tungsten rings, it is difficult to cut them quickly. In case of an emergency situation removing the ring could become a big problem and it can be done only through specialized tools and techniques the ring can be removed.

? People who look for engraving the rings might feel it challenging to get the tungsten rings engraved. There are some jewellery shops that although provide these services, the cost is high.

When buying a tungsten ring, it is inevitable to look for the best options available like tungsten rings from IntelliRings. Make sure that you buy from a reliable seller that provides you all the information and a reasonable warranty period. Online sales are available, and you can also collect some right amount of information as well on the sites. Do not go for cheap models as the alloys used with tungsten when making the ring could be of inferior quality.

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