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What no one tells you about Neolith

by Maria Kairuz (writer), London, May 30, 2018

Neolith's Estatuario stands out due to its faithful interpretation of Carrara marble. A combination of thick and subtle veins crossing a pure white background.

Neolith is getting increasingly popular as a preferred surface material in the UK among people looking for advanced worktop, flooring and wall coverings products. The sintered surface is known to offer a good number of benefits as compared to many other man-made or natural stone materials. Its versatility, the wide arrange of colours available, finishes and thicknesses, makes it a great choice for a host of domestic and commercial installations.

Neolith is made from recyclable, natural materials such as crushed quartz stone and other minerals which go through intense pressure and heat to bond the materials and create a product that is light in weight, strong, extremely resistant to stain and heat, and UV resistant. If you are considering Neolith for any of your residential or commercial projects, there are a few things that you should know about this popular material.

1.What type of applications is Neolith suitable for?
The versatility of Neolith is as such, that makes it suitable for many different interior and exterior applications. Popular designs such as Neolith Estatuario and Neolith Calacatta are great choices for residential projects in applications such as splashbacks, vanity tops, wall cladding, flooring kitchen worktops, countertops, and more. It is also ideal for commercial projects such as large format flooring and cladding of exterior walls. As the material is UV resistant and scratch resistant, it can easily withstand the challenging outdoor conditions without fading in colour and it won’t degrade with the passage of time.

2.Is Neolith long lasting?
Neolith is one of the strongest materials currently available in the market. You can actually try running a screwdriver over Neolith, and unless it has a polished finish, it won’t scratch or chip. Further to this, the material is also resistant to heat and high temperatures. Combined with its lightweight formats and UV resistant qualities, you can rest assured that it’ll last for decades.

3.Is Neolith affordable?
In terms of its price, most of the Neolith products are not very expensive. Its price is similar to that of any mid to high-end material such as a beautiful marble or granite. Although Neolith is definitely the cheapest product in the market, over time it offers best value for money as the product won’t ever require sealing, re-sealing and does not need to be re-polished. Coupled with extreme ease when it comes to maintenance (a window cleaning spray and a cloth will do the trick of keeping the surfaces pristine on a daily basis), in the long run Neolith will probably cost less than replacing wooden or laminate or re-sealing natural stone over the years.

Also, as the material is available in large formats, it involves fewer joints and grouting when it is compared to most other materials. If you are looking for Neolith worktops, make sure that you also consider the thickness of the material as the cost can significantly vary depending on the thickness of Neolith you may select. The most popular Neolith thickness is 12mm as it offers a slim design with a super-strong material. Neolith is also available in 20mm thickness in some of its designs and they start at 3mm thickness for wall applications such as cladding.

4.Which are the most popular Neolith colours?
Neolith offers many different options spread across multiple Collections which include the popular Colorfeel, Textil, Fusion, Classtone, Iron, and more. Some of the latest offerings include Neolith Iron Grey, Neolith Iron Ash, Neolith Iron Copper, Neolith Blanco Carrara, Krater, Mirage, and Nieve. Consider the style of interior you already have to pick the right Neolith design. You will surely find the one that matches with the rest of the house, reflecting your personality and taste.

5.Where can I buy Neolith?
While there are a few high-end showrooms in the UK where Neolith is available, a better alternative is to look for a reputed online supplier. Online stores where you can buy worktops direct tend to offer more options and a wider range of materials than physical stores, and usually there is a significant difference in the price of the final product when you purchase them offline or in a physical showroom. Online stone suppliers are also known to offer dedicated customer support and also assistance to help you pick the right Neolith product with expert consultants and project managers available that will assist throughout the duration of your project to completion.

Whether if you are looking for Neolith tiles or whether you may want a worktop made from this durable material for your kitchen, bathroom, garden or patio, you are sure to find a product that perfectly fits your requirements and budget. Now that you know a little bit more about what Neolith is and on which type of applications this wonderful material can be used, you can start browsing through the best Neolith products online and pick the best choices for either your residential or commercial project.

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