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Pros & Cons of Modular Office Systems

by Editor (editor), , April 27, 2018

Those smaller businesses with full intentions of expanding in the future as quickly as possible, this is your perfect solution.

The most important feature in today’s office spaces is flexibility. Office systems must adapt to a company’s growth and adjust to their changing needs in addition to meeting each employees’ work environment requirements and various personalities and preferences. Flexible office spaces permit employees to choose their work environment while the office furniture compensates for extensive adjustments and alterations throughout the workplace. The optimal cost, time, and space-saving solution to keeping up with the array of demands in the workplace is modular office furniture.

Modular office systems can be tailored to fit the exact needs of an office and have the ability to be added to, taken away from, or adjusted as your company’s or employees’ needs change. This system grants you the freedom to create an office space that works best in your particular environment and then alter and adjust your furniture to meet the needs of your growing company and changing space. Modular systems include office cubicles, desks, or room dividers and allow for additional storage solutions to be added to them as needed.

So, why would anyone decide against a modular system? Believe it or not, they’re not the ideal solution for every office space. As you can imagine, they work best for growing companies. Therefore, large corporations and multinational companies may decide on a vast open office space, glass walls, game rooms, and replace their stairs with slides instead. But, for those smaller businesses with full intentions of expanding in the future as quickly as possible, this is your perfect solution.


  • As I mentioned before, the flexibility and versatility of modular office systems is unparalleled. They can adjust to any space, effortlessly creating private workspaces for each employee in compact and oddly shaped offices or opening up walls and removing barriers for larger, open offices, encouraging interaction and collaboration.
  • These systems are tremendously mobile, making them easy to transport to alternate locations around your office or across the country if your company relocates.
  • Investing in modular office furniture will save you money in the long run because you are eliminating the need to purchase entirely new office systems in the future as your office space, location, or requirements change. You’ll avoid hiring interior designers, architects, etc. to design and construct your floor plan for you as you can simply add the necessary elements to your previous system and adjust them as needed.
  • Between the easy installation process, lack of design and space planning services, and ability to simply add to any part of your modular furniture, this system will save your precious time which is likely more valuable spent elsewhere.
  • Modular office systems are extremely lightweight and incredibly easy to install and reconfigure so your employees and yourself won’t waste a week or more out of the office while your project is being completed.
  • You have the ability to customize your system by choosing panel heights, colors, materials, worksurfaces, dimensions, and more.

These very persuasive benefits of modular office furniture may have you already convinced that this system is the perfect option for you. This very well might be the case. They’re the ideal solution for a number of circumstances. However, there are a few cons to consider first.


  • Although modular office furniture is customizable, majority of these systems are fairly generic in their design. One company’s modular system will appear very similar to the next, even with unique customizations. The materials, quality, and shape of the workstations are not yet offered in a broad variety.
  • While a modular office system will save you money in the long run, the higher initial cost is a considerable investment. Of course, these systems don’t sore over all other office furniture systems as far as their price, however, they are not as cost effective as investing in a few used cubicles. Unfortunately, office furniture is a necessity for any company, therefore, you’ll be investing in some sort of office system either way. Let’s face it, none of them are “cheap.”
  • These systems are not manufactured to last a lifetime. Sure, they are designed to endure travel and reconfiguration, however an office system this flexible undergoes more than the average wear and tear. Therefore, your modular office system will be temporary. They are the perfect solution for a small business or startup that is expected to grow rapidly and undergo frequent changes and alterations, however, large, multinational corporations may want to invest in something of higher quality.

Modular office systems are the ultimate solutions for so many variations of office spaces because their versatility and flexibility allow them to conform to the ideal office solution for each unique space. This system will function as private, compact cubicles, connected and open teaming workstations, or room dividers for open office spaces. Modular furniture is designed for startups and small businesses, providing those spaces with their office necessities while saving time, space, and money as they grow into larger corporations. As a flourishing business, you’ll need an office system that works as hard and grows as quickly as you do.

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