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Dressing for success: Make a statement with jewelry

by Editor (editor), , April 27, 2018

Two A Jewelry would love to be your jewelry designer of choice.

Dressing for success means presenting yourself beautifully in any situation. Whether you’re off to work or a social event, what you choose to wear makes a difference. Are you ready to make an impact? Do you fade into the background or do you want to stand out? Jewelry can be a powerful addition to your wardrobe. Stunning, designer pieces can complement your look. Unique, designer jewelry will differentiate you from the crowd. Two A Jewelry has an exciting line of Bohemian jewelry that will inspire you to wake up, get dressed and conquer the world.

Jewelry doesn’t have to be reserved for special occasions. Fashion jewelry can be worn every day. Match your jewelry to your mood and schedule. Why not embrace your femininity and fall in love with looking your best? Life’s short. You deserve to look good at any age. Whether you’re a busy millennial, career woman, mom or grandma, Two A Jewelry has an array of tempting jewelry made just for you.

Don’t save your jewelry for fancy outings. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful every day of your life. Two A Jewelry would love to be your jewelry designer of choice.

What’s Two A Jewelry?

Great question! This creative jewelry line was started by two lifelong friends whose first names happen to begin with the letter A. International designers Ayana Fishman and Anat Shapira are passionate about creating exceptional jewelry for you to wear with your favourite clothes. Using a mix of eco-materials, including metals, tagua, coral, textiles, rubber, silk cords and coconut shells, Two A Jewelry delivers high quality and style. Designer resin jewelry? Yes, really!

Ayana and Anat fell in love with the process of creating jewelry. You’ll fall in love with wearing their pieces. Check out their latest selection of fashion jewelry designs online. Shop for yourself or a loved one. Gift cards are also available.

If you love to touch and try on Bracelets and necklaces before buying, Two A Jewelry has multiple stores carrying their pieces in Canada and Israel and you can check the various locations on their site.

What kind of jewelry should I wear?

You can never go wrong with classic looks, clean lines, original pieces and eccentric finds. Jewelry is a very personal choice. You have to think about the image that you’re trying to project. Do you want to be seen as confident, classy and unique? Do you want to be proud of what you’re wearing, and know that no one else will be wearing the exact same items? If so, Two A Jewelry may have pieces that you’ll love.

Fashionistas all have different opinions. Don’t wear the latest “in” jewelry just because everyone else is wearing it. Establish your own sense of style. Savvy women know how to make an impact when they enter a room. Would you like to be the center of attention?

What not to wear

A big fashion faux pax is wearing cheap, gaudy jewelry. People can tell the difference between jewelry that is well made, and something that is a cheap knock off. Is the item faded, chipped or discoloured?

Some women pile on jewelry thinking that it will make them stand out. However, this can be a big red flag that you don’t have a sense of style. Are you wearing too many pieces at once? Simpler is better. Choose one statement piece to get lots of compliments.

Don’t wear jewelry that dates you. If the jewelry looks unattractive, dated or damaged, don’t wear it.

Cool finds

How do you find new pieces of jewelry? Start by checking out Two A Jewelry today. Happy shopping!

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