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How to take care of your diamond rings

by Editor (editor), , April 24, 2018

To ensure that your diamond rings shine forever, follow these tips:

Every accomplishment needs to be marked with something special and what can be better than diamonds. Everyone has a favorite piece of jewelry, especially rings, which have emotions and memories attached to it. It can be your graduation present from parents, your first self-purchased ring from the first salary, or a proposal/wedding ring. All special things need special care; same goes for your precious diamond rings.

To ensure that your diamond rings shine forever, follow these tips:

1. Clean the rings: Just as you go for a monthly clean-up to the parlor, give a spa to your precious diamond ring too. Diamonds shine because of their refractive feature, i.e., the ability to reflect light. Once the diamond gets covered with dirt and dust, it gradually loses its shine and spark. A simple way to clean your diamond rings is to soak them in warm soapy water and clean off the dirt with a soft-bristle brush.

2. Re-polish the rings: Diamond rings comprise of diamonds and a band made of either gold or platinum. Although both the metals are sturdy, they require re-polishing once in a while. Eventually, the coatings of these metals fade away, giving them a yellowish tint, thus ruining the look of your expensive diamond ring. To restore the beauty of your precious ring, get the ring re-coated and re-polished whenever you feel it has lost its shine.

3. Do not bathe or swim with the ringon your finger: This is one of the most common mistakes diamond ring owners make. We seldom take off our daily wear diamond rings while taking a bath or going for a swim. Water contains harmful chemicals like chlorine and can damage the lustre of your ring. Always remove your ring and secure it in a jewelry box while you go for a dip.

4. Do not clean with chemicals: There are various chemicals available in the market for cleaning your diamond rings; do not use them without referring to your jeweler. Also, remove and safely secure your rings before doing the daily chores that involve chemicals like in cleaning or painting.

5. Do not wear the ring while playing rough sports: This tip is for adventure lovers. If you indulge in adventurous sports like hiking, dirt biking, or other rough sports, then take special care of your ring during such activities or better remove them before setting on any adventure.

6. Get your diamonds secured periodically: If you wear your diamond ring daily, you might bang it about quite a bit, leading to loosening of the precious stones. Occasionally, take the ring to a jewelry store for tightly securing the diamonds in the ring.

For long-lasting shine, take good care of your diamond rings. If you are not able to clean your rings in a timely fashion, take them to the jewelry store. Remember, you can replace rings, but cannot replace the emotions attached to them.

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