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Seeing Red Will Cost You Green

by S. Vaughan (writer), Bay Shore, February 12, 2008


Roses are red,violets are blue...ok,enough already. Not being very romantic, I decided to find out a little more about none other than one of the most celebrated romantic events, Valentine's Day.

Just my opinion:  I was musing over the origin of Valentine’s Day. Why the heart?  Why the red heart?  Why the arrow piercing the red heart?  Why will people spend about $17.02 billion dollars to participate in this day?  So because research is one of my great passions, I decided to allow the trusty mister www to take me down a walk through memory lane.

 Truly, the Internet is a vast source of material.  Even though my original intent was to research the origin of Valentine’s Day, I ended up going a little further to read about the symbols of that day.

 Is it really romantic when I see a arrow piercing a heart?  What about some cupid (The Roman God of Love) with a bow and arrow that will be used to pierce a heart in the name of love?  Not really.  But then neither am I fond of the extra bulge around my waist that symbolizes way too much food in the name of love.

 Ok, back to Valentine’s Day.  Oh, not to be too macabre, but Valentine’s Day has not always been loving or romantic for some.  Remember the 1929 Valentine’s Day massacre?

 Ok, enough of the downside…on to the brighte picture.  There are several explanations given at for the origin of Valentine’s Day.  Let’s consider a few:  1) a Roman celebration named Lupercalia, which was held on February 15, a fertility festival; 2) began with the Norse who had a St. Galantin.  The “G” is pronounced like a “V”, ergo the confusion over St. Valentine’s Day.  

 Any way you look at it, there’s always room in the world for more love.

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