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How to Detox After Abusing Marijuana and Get Back Your Life

by Editor (editor), , April 24, 2018

The following is a talk regarding effects of marijuana on your body and how you can detox from it to get your life back on track.

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Lots of people are torn between legalizing and not legalizing marijuana. Those who support that marijuana should be made legal argue that it can be used for medical purposes. They go ahead to give to support this by claiming that unprocessed marijuana contains extracts that can be used to cure certain conditions.They say that the plant has some useful chemicals that could be used in some circumstances. Some countries have legalized marijuana but do they really consider how much damage it can cause?

No sufficient research has been done to prove the claims of medical marijuana. Lacking FDA approval, marijuana remains a controversial drug that is still being tried on. The risks of using this drug are much higher compared to the benefits. This makes it a dangerous substance that can be easily overdosed causing serious health problems. Imagine a drug containing more than 100 chemicals that make you high. Cannabinoids chemicals in marijuana alter with your normal brain functioning.This is the reason why legalizing marijuana is wrong!

Influence from peers is what is leading to high numbers of marijuana addiction. Research carried out in 2015,showed that more than 11 million youth aged between 18 and 25 used marijuana. High school and college students engage themselves in unhealthy lifestyles as they spend less time reading and more time smoking such drugs. Addiction requires you to go through marijuana detox which is not necessary if you keep off such bad company.

The following is a talk regarding effects of marijuana on your body and how you can detox from it to get your life back on track.

Effects of using marijuana


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With every puff or a cookie that you take of this drug, it releases THC chemical from your lungs to your blood. As the blood flows on different organs of your body, the brain finally gets exposed to this chemical. Your cell receptors in the brain become hyper active which translates you to getting high. Though you may enjoy the feeling for a while, this chemical affects how your brain develops.

Using marijuana out of influence to be associated with the cool group in school, could affect your memory in future. Research carried out in Duke University illustrated that using marijuana in your teens makes you lose 8 IQ points by the time you are turning 40s.

Respiratory system

Your lungs may be irritated by the constant smoke as you inhale marijuana. Breathing problems and lung infections are one of the major symptoms you will notice. Marijuana detox helps you regain back a normal breathing rate repairing your damaged lungs.


Subjecting your mind to mental illnesses is not hype. You may start experiencing hallucinations and getting paranoid over nothing. Suicidal thoughts is a common case reported in most marijuana teen addicts.

How to detox

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Even if marijuana addiction does not have a specific medicine to cure it, accepting that you are an addict is the first step to treating this disorder.If you are at this point in your life, you are making progress.Some of methods used to detox include:

Home detox

In as much as some people prefer detoxing from home, you need more support from people who have probably conquered the addiction so that you don’t suffer a relapse. Detoxing from home is not safe especially when withdrawal signs start kicking in. In addition, home is not the best environment for you to meditate due to too many distractions.

Medical facilities

This on the other hand, provide you with various sessions to walk you through the process so that you don’t give up. It may not be easy but with commitment and the right support, you are bound to make progress. Some medical faculties that you can join include marijuana anonymous and narcotics anonymous. In these facilities you will be involved in the following activities;


You go through a couple of drug tests to assess how much damage marijuana has on your health. This also prepares you for the whole detox process as you answer to some important queries such as if marijuana is the only drug that you have been abusing.


As a way of treating you, personal therapy is administered on an individual level by an expert who listens to your story and guides you on the 12 step recovery to help you break addiction. Group therapy that can include your family is also used for them to understand what they should do for you to get better after go through the facility.

Some medical detox programs go an extra mile of providing art therapy to clearly illustrate everything you need to know regarding marijuana. Setting meditation groups help you relax and get to a peaceful state of mind free of any pain and depression. This is because, there is nothing more important than your peace of mind. They encourage you to talk positive thoughts to yourself declaring that you can indeed beat the addiction so that your mind can perceive nothing else but positivity.

Healthy diet plans are also recommended so that you can get back all your energy to fight the symptoms of withdrawing from marijuana. They recommend on good nutrients to fight toxins and chemicals such as TCH from your body. You will also be involved in lots of various workouts so as to boost your overall immune system. Don’t shun away from volunteer groups that support staying sober because this will be the motivation that you need to overcome your addiction.

After care plan

The days after your detoxification are considered the most crucial days in this process. Lots of appointments are set for you to see a counsellor and doctor who can gauge your progress and determine the right drugs to take at home.

Merits of medical facilities

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Unlike home remedies where your people probably may not know how to help you, medical facilities will supervise you constantly, and help you with marijuana detox in a safe and healthy way.

Final thoughts

Marijuana is a substance that can end your life through overdosing. Rather than legalizing it, people should be more focused about helping those who are affected by its use so as it create a healthier society.If you are a victim, start detoxification today and change your lifestyle for the better.

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