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4 Tips For Getting Married On A Shoestring Budget

by Editor (editor), , April 20, 2018

There are a few helpful things you should consider. Check them out below:

Most of us know that getting married is expensive, but never really take a second to address the full cost until it’s time to pop the question. And although it seems like there are certain aspects of the wedding you can cut corners on there, it’s also a day you’re supposed to remember forever, and as such, deserves your full attention. However, if you are looking to save and still have a fantastic wedding, then there are a few helpful things you should consider. Check them out below:

Start Shopping Early

If you’re going to be trying to save on your wedding, one of the first things you need to do is start shopping around for the best prices on the items you need. Not only will this help give you a sense of security, but you’ll additionally be able to seek alternatives beyond the norm. Because while most of us know weddings can be expensive regardless, with the right buying strategy, you can easily buck the trend.

Start outing, make a list of all the items you’re going to need for your wedding, regardless of the significance of them. Another piece to note in this process is that if you want to save on certain items, you sometimes have to be willing to try something new. For example, the wedding dress company Azazie is able to offer a custom dress for a fraction of the price of their competitors direct-to-consumer online. According to Cosmo, the average dress costs around $1,334, so this is one factor you could cut to a fraction of the cost. See what type of deals you can seek out early, as this is one aspect of the marriage process that can crucial to work out beforehand.

Learn To Cut Out The Unnecessary Thrills

Another important aspect of the wedding process is the type of unnecessary thrills you have, as well as how you and your significant other can look to cut down on those trends. According to NerdWallet, the average wedding cost around $33,391, which is a pretty noteworthy figure when you consider what goes into that. However, a lot of those costs are for going all-out with your wedding, which isn’t always the most advantageous strategy.

If you’re going to be looking through the bare-bones of what you want out of your wedding, the first thing you need to do is sit down with your partner and list through your essentials. It’s good you both express your needs and wants out of the big day, as well as starting to mold a hierarchy of what’s a “must have” for you both. While this might not be the easiest to pick out, it’s also something that once you take the time to do will show you both what your ideal wedding will look like, as well as how you can achieve it. Don’t be afraid to commit to the length of a project like this, as your wedding is supposed to be a day you both remember forever.

Check Out Options In The Off Season

Although it might sound obvious, looking into the offseason is a great way to save but only if you’re looking at locations that could lend to be a great time regardless. For example, as noted by XO Group, 32 percent of weddings occur in September and October. Why? Because those months have the best weather for both indoor and outdoor venues, which takes more credit than you might imagine.

In regards to the type of venue you’re looking for, go back to the list of what you want out of a wedding and ask yourself if any of those items are time sensitive. Next, take a look at where would be the best match between the both of you, beginning to honing in on which time frame will give you the best deal. I’ll note that while not perfect if you play your cards right, this can be an excellent way to save quickly on your wedding.

Take A Little Bit More Time Between The Engagement

Finally, a great way to save on any wedding is by giving yourself the time to save up to do so. As noted by The Knot, with the average engagement lasting around 14.5 months, that can be a pretty short time frame to some who are on a tight budget. However, that’s why starting your wedding date off from your savings plan can be a great look.

Look at what you and your significant other can contribute to a monthly budget, as well as how much the total amount of your ceremonies are going to cost. Another thing of note in this process is the honeymoon, which you should factor in for as well. While this process can be relatively easy, it also takes a fair amount of discipline and patience, so remain steady through the whole thing.

What are some helpful suggestions you’ve found for saving on your wedding? Comment with your insights below!

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