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7 tips for saving on car rentals

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , April 20, 2018

Here are some tips that you can use to save on car rentals.

Car rentals is one of the services that is used quite often. Since its use is frequent it is recommended to look for the cheapest prices so that it doesn’t go too heavy on your pockets. Here are some tips that you can use to save on car rentals.

Early shopping:

With car rentals prices the fluctuations occur frequently. It is best you start looking as soon as you plan on getting a car. Online websites give the estimate amounts for the journey you enter on the dates you need. Book the car on the day the prices are low. If the prices go higher you will still be charged the amount you reserved on and if the prices decrease further you can always cancel and re-book without any penalty. This is a really effective way to save money.

Direct checking:

While people are looking through different websites it is always better to check the official website of the car rental service. This will be to your benefit since any promotional code or voucher that could be used will be available there.


There are many car rentals which have discounts for certain banks cards. So before you pay check for which banks does the car rental offers discount. You can also search the car rentals as to which car rental offers discount for your bank. Another common thing is the discount vouchers you get immediately after you reserve a slot. These vouchers can be redeemable almost immediately.

Daily or Weekly?

It is a rule of thumb that the rates for bulk is almost cheaper when compared with days. Booking a vehicle for a week will cost you less than if you book it for daily basis. Also the timings matter the days with lesser rates could be preferred if you have flexible dates.

Airport facility?

The car rental service is often offered by the airport too. Now this will ensure service on spot and in time but it will definitely cost you twice than it usually does. For this purpose you will have to make a decision whether you will compromise on the prices and wait a bit or you will prefer convenience over prices.


One way how the car rentals like to make money is through insurance. They talk people into taking insurance in a way you can’t decline. The best way to get out of this situation is to know what insurances does your personal car insurance, credit card and bank offers since mostly these insurances are covered in those.


Another way they can charge you extra is through the GPS system. Do not consent to GPS since this way you will end up saving. Instead you can use the maps provided in your phone and this will provide you the directions you need and not strip you off money.

Knowing these tips can help you save a lot if you want to save in the first place. Car rentals in Toronto offer the best prices and services it will be in your best interest to check them before booking.

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