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10 tips to picking up your idea coffee table

You can have a perfect coffee table by following the mentioned points. These all are important points that one should consider while buying the unit. The styles, size, shape and more importantly budge

A living room without a coffee table is always incomplete. This unit of furniture serve you for several purposes. It completes the look of the space and they are much needed for storage and display in the living area. The main thing is that, which style will work perfect for your room. Should you go with the wooden with sturdy legs or go with metallic with glass top? Should it be square, round or rectangular? The choices are endless and they can be overwhelming. Here are 10 tips that will help you to break down the confusions and steer you in the direction of the perfect coffee table.

Budget: First thing you should always consider is 'Budget'. So before you start searching for them, know you range. They are available from super expensive to very budget friendly. Your total budget should be broken into areas such as lighting, accessories and furniture pieces. The furniture line item includes the side tables, chairs, sofa and coffee tables with a larger portion allocated to the greater pieces. The good news is that you can bend a little on your fix budget if you see something you love as long as it does not comprise the quality of chairs or sofa sets.

Shape: As you design the plan for your living area, think about the perfect shape of the coffee table for the available space. Do you have children or pets? Is it a large room or is it small narrow space? So, oval or round shaped coffee table is perfect if you have children. The curved edges means a sharp corner injures no one if anyone falls or bumps into it. Using the rectangular shape and maintaining 30 inches gap between the TV unit and coffee table will give you the right amount of room to walk in between. A rounded piece gives a little more space to walk past as it will curve away from the TV unit.

Size: As with shape, you will need to determine the perfect size that you need according to your living space. The height of the coffee table is important and it should be no lower than 1-2 inches from the seat of your couch. The standard height for this table is 16-18 inches and it pairs well with the typical sized couch. A higher sofa needs a taller table and it is 20-21 inches in height. The taller the table, it will be more convenient if you entertain a lot because it will be easier for your guests to set down a plat, glass or serving tray.

Functionality: One more important factor is to know what the primary use of the coffee table will be. It will be more decorative, and should provide storage in few cases. Some tables comes with shelves and drawers to hold everything such as toys, stash of magazines and other things. Regardless if the storage is needed, there is still a good chance that you will want to be able to place a drink or a plate without the risk of tipping over. Pick a unit that will hold drinks and plate of snacks with ease. If decor is the basic purpose, you can focus on one with lines ans beautiful texture in a material that you love.

Material: When it comes to material, coffee tables can come in a wide variety too. There are materials like metal, glass or wood. They are available in oak, maple, cherry or walnut. Every wood has its own feel and look. Oak and maple are more casual side with walnut and cherry having a more formal look. Consider Lucite it will make your table appear to be floating in the living room and it offers up a more modern appeal.

Style: They are available in formal, informal, vintage and modern. These all styles to be considered when purchasing the coffee table. If you favour a contemporary look, choose a sleek table with glass top. If country casual is your theme, then rustic oak table is perfect for you. You can pick a round table with wooden legs for a romantic feel. There are various styles to choose from, only use the decorating scheme of the room as your guide.

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