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FIFA World Cup 2018 betting strategies

by Editor (editor), , April 05, 2018

Let’s now briefly take you over few very important World Cup betting strategies.

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The entire world is eagerly waiting for the start of FIFA World Cup 2018 in June this year! A total of 32 teams from different parts of the world will lock horns against each other to decide the football world champion!

The global popularity of football means that this tournament would also attract a record amount of betting activity from all corners of the world. If you too plan to bet on World Cup matches, it’s important that you punt with only a reputed and reliable online bookmaker such as Sbat. Doing so would ensure that you’d get the best betting odds and paid out every penny of your wins.

Let’s now briefly take you over few very important World Cup betting strategies.

FIFA World Cup 2018 betting strategies

In order to succeed at World Cup betting it’s important that you adopt a fool proof betting strategy. Following are some of the points you must keep in mind:

Stake amount per bet – It’s critical that you never bet huge sums of money on any individual match. Bet only an amount you can afford to lose, even if you have a very bad day. For instance, if you stake 10% of your entire bankroll per bet, you’d be able to lose a maximum of 10 successive bets, before wiping out your entire bankroll. Hence, you must have a proper betting plan ready before placing any punts, and strictly invest only based on that plan. As emphasised earlier, never indulge in too high stakes on any particular game. Try learning about the positive progression betting plan so as to emerge profitable in the end, rather than falling prey to greed and investing excessively.

Bet on the possibility of draw – There is a basic rule of betting that you should stake only that amount that even if you lose, it doesn’t leave you with a bad feeling in your stomach! The odds of booking profit are much higher in case of a draw, compared to win or loss predictions.

Continue betting against the team until they are defeated – If you know your football well, you can easily carry out a detailed analysis and figure out at least 12 teams playing the tournament which you’re sure of being weak and having no chance of winning the cup. Here’s the draw to make it easier for you. Include the North American and Asian confederation as well as the entire African region and you have your potential picks! This gives you a straight opportunity of 12 winning bets!

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Continue betting on the underdogs until they win – Every seasoned football bettor would tell you that it’s always profitable (in the long term) if you continue backing the underdogs. You should be thoroughly aware of all the underdogs of the upcoming FIFA World Cup. Try figuring out the ones with good potential and back them with all your might! You stand to book a handsome profit even if you go wrong 75% of the times, and being right only in 25% of the cases!

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