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SEO in 2018: How to Optimize your Website for Voice Search

by Saniabaker425 (writer), California, March 26, 2018

In 2018, the digital marketing has experienced a profound transition in the method availed for searching content over the World Wide Web.

With the invention of humanoid robots, liquid biopsies, Artificial and Virtual Intelligence, science and technology have revolutionized stupendously. And in 2018, the digital marketing has experienced a profound transition in the method availed for searching content over the World Wide Web. In pursuit of information, legions of individuals today have resorted to voice search on their voice apprentices such as Google Home gadgets and Amazon Echo, tablets, and Smartphone. For an Apple Smartphone user, Siri is a perfect companion, while people owning Android phones can undertake voice search on the Google Voice Search. For individuals possessing Windows laptop, PC, or a Smartphone can use the Microsoft Cortana voice assistant.

Voice Search entails the user to look for information by making use of their voice. You’ve to put forth your query with your mouth close to the speaker, so that the voice assistant, whether Cortana or Siri, can decipher the uttered words, thereby providing you with the relevant information.

As per a leading marketing organization, a ballpark figure of 70% people now carry out searches on their smartphones. And with the number of individuals resorting to their phones to seek information, burgeoning with each passing day, they find it much simpler to search for facts and figures using their voice, rather than typing.

A New Take on the Voice Search Technology

1. A very exciting component of voice search is interdependence between variegated gadgets. For example, a suggestion related to the proper and efficacious use of voice assistant can pop on your laptop screen.

2. As per a newspaper report published in the year 2016, searching information over the World Wide Web using voice search is gathering market share at an increasing rate.

  • If the news reports from Microsoft are taken into consideration, in 2016, around 30% of the searches conducted on Windows 10 taskbar were voice searches.
  • A similar news piece from 2015 says that about 2 billion voice searches were performed on Apple devices through Siri.
  • Fast forward to a year, in U.S.A in the year 2016, 1 in 10 searches were voice searches carried out on mobile applications.
  • Did you know that about 2 million voice gadgets were dispatched in 2015? And in 2016, the figure escalated to nearly 7 million gadgets. Wait, it isn’t over yet! According to the Corporate Office VoiceLabs, 27 million voice-first gizmos were shipped.
  • Going by these reports, it can be assessed that by 2020, at least 60% of the searches would either be performed through voice or by availing of images.

Points to be taken into Consideration for Optimizing your Site for Voice Search

• Apprise yourself on what kind of information are the folks searching for

As per a newspaper report published in 2016, individuals are employing voice searches for miscellaneous exploration. Given the rough calculation of 30% people searching for localized news and data, it’s imperative for the localized businesses to commence devising stratagems for circumscribed voice search.

• Casual Keywords

While looking for relevant material and information on the World Wide Web through voice, the keyword approach ought to be relaxed and casual, and impersonate the ways people converse in and ask queries using words. Ponder on the sort of questions you encounter from your consumers, on being receiving calls regarding your line of work. Jot down the precise phrases utilized by them when they have a conversation with the customer service officials. After you’re done with this step, begin formulating content sheets which emphasize those informal search phrases.

• Assert Ownership of Google My Business

For the search engine Google to detect information concerning your business such as the period during which you’re committed to your work, the department of service you’re employed in, phone number, et al. asserting ownership and then making the most productive use of Google My Business is an ideal method.

Owing to the localized style of most voice searches, having one’s Google My Business catalog laid claim to, can aid in raising the probabilities of displaying your business in search results when search through speech is performed regarding your service.

• Create FAQ Sheets

Generate ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ sheets which emphasize on long-tail keywords. Rather than employing the same commonplace SEO keywords, try putting into service more conversational sort of queries. In case you’re contemplating on formulating distinct sheets for the voice search technologies having the scope for extracting news from your website, you’re most welcome to do it.

Moreover, expect straightforward queries from the audience. Searches such as “famous eateries in Florida” will be superseded by “which is the best place to hang-out with family in Florida.” You must deliver fast, pithy responses to the queries put forth by the audience.

This might seem intimidating at the beginning, however, producing such individual sheets and excerpts of content about the specific queries will both raise your possibilities of manifesting yourself in a “Special Excerpt” in Google, and your website emerging in voice SEO services or voice-search suggestions.

In a nutshell, the sole motive of voice search is rendering the audience with a user-friendly experience. With the raging and increasing use of voice search, that day isn’t far enough when the end-users would be relying on voice search only for meeting their requirements instead of the virtual keyboard. So folks, if you want your business to flourish, and take it to the next level, it’s time to acquaint yourselves with the requisite stratagems and gimmicks, by gripping this golden opportunity.

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