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Pillows can resemble our closest companions

An epic history of pillows

– they hear our insider facts, witness our fantasies, and at times wipe away our tears. The main distinction is … you can purchase a decent one at a store!. Natively constructed pillows were utilized as a part of antiquated Egypt, medieval Europe and early America. In the mid-nineteenth century, the Industrial Revolution and the advancing material industry changed the way they were delivered.

From natively constructed and hand-weaved, they progressed toward becoming machine-made. Bed Pillows were loaded down with goose down or plumes to make them more comfortable and agreeable.

Be that as it may, in China pillows were altogether different. To start with they were smooth stones and later, by the late 6th century, they were rectangular squares made of wood, jade, bronze, porcelain or different earthenware production. Most had a bended best surface for the head.

Searching for a pillow

If you are searching for a comfortable place to rest your head, and wondering around from store to store or peeping into online stores, but before here are a few things to remember to get a vulnerable pillow for yourself to sleep comfortably.



    The foremost thing to consider while getting a pillow is to select the size of the pillow. You can get a standard, queen, king or even super king size pillows. Some love to have lots of pillows on bed and some only want to have a standard pillow on their bed to give it a neat clean look.


    Loft explains the height or thickness of a pillow. The manufacturers divide the pillows in three categories of low loft, medium loft and high loft pillows. It really matters to sleep on a flat or heighted pillow.


    Loft and firmness of pillows go side by side. A high loft pillow has a possibility that it might be soft and when you lay your head it sinks in or it might be stuffed heavily to give you a firm pillow. Considerably a low loft pillow is much firmer than a high loft pillow.

    4.Fabric test

    Before buying a pillow just test the outer covering of the pillow. If you blow air and it passes through easily than reject the pillow in an instance as it would allow anything to pass through easily and its not a good sign for a great pillow.

    5.Squish test

    Squish test is important for a good pillow. Simply press the pillow hard if it bounces back to its original shape than it’s a good sign and if there is a big dent or takes some time to come back simply put it back on the shelf.

    6.Pillow test

    This test is only eligible when you have walk in through the store to get a pillow. Just place your head on the pillow to check its loft and firmness it might look funnier to you and other people around but it’s the best way to check the pillow.

    7.Filling decision

    Before going to purchase a pillow make your mind what fill you need to have in your pillow. Whether you like down pillow, feathers or a blend of down or feather, synthetic fill or you need a special pillow. Down pillows are softer than feather pillows while the blend of these two give a balanced pillow nor too soft neither too hard. And special pillows cover a wide area from memory foam, orthopedic, water pillows to many more.


    The perfect pillow hunt is completed only when you know your sleeping style. As this let you know the proper support you require from your pillow while resting your head on to it. Support is usually determined by the fill power of the filling. Soft pillows are usually great form stomach sleepers, medium for side or combination sleepers and firm pillows for back sleepers.

Materials support level

When you have researched on the above points next comes the materials support level. Each material has its own properties and provide different levels of support. Natural materials like down will give the softest pillow, while the blend to two natural materials down and feather gives your head a medium support. Synthetic pillows usually provide with medium support but their firmness levels can vary. An orthopedic pillow or a memory foam pillow offers full support to head and neck.

Raymat’s pillows

Here at Raymat, we are continually pushing the boundaries of luxury and comfort. Our manufacturing team work their socks off, scouring the globe to source the best materials for our products. For their latest find, they have really outdone themselves and brought to you a pillow that is the stuff of legends.

Bringing you the ultimate standard in comfort; down so soft, you wouldn’t believe it actually exists. We are delighted to introduce our new, luxurious Kensington series of Best Canadian goose down pillows. A favored bedroom luxury of the, the down of the Canadian geese provides the softest pillow filling imaginable. You won’t believe the levels of comfort you’ll feel as you lay your head down on one of these cozy pillows. When you have experienced the majesty of this pillow, you won’t ever choose another.

Canadian geese are known for their survival at the minimal temperatures around the world. So, now their snug down will probably guard your precision sleep. now enjoy the unimaginable and superb loft, support and firmness of Canadian goose down pillows.

have a great sleep on them.

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