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Leading Japanese Used Cars Marketplace

by Kendall Jenner (writer), B36 8RE, March 23, 2018

Japanese export industry is prevalent with automobiles. Automobiles enjoy highest export rates.

All across the globe, Japan is known for its durable and highly reliable cars and vehicles. No matter which type you ponder, if it’s a Japanese manufacture it will surely be good. Japanese cars come in all prices, shapes, and size. You can have an exotic sports car or a comfortable family vehicle too. Whether you have to go on a clumsy, slippery or steep journey or take a drive through a jam-packed traffic, these cars will stand by you in every critical situation. Requiring little to no maintenance and incredible fuel efficiency, Japanese cars have gained much fame and many auction houses have started up to ensure its retail business. Among the leading auction houses and retails brands some of them are listed below:

Be Forward

Be Forward- the Tokyo based company was established back in 2004. It has a huge crew of cars and vehicles from trucks to vans and other heavy automobile machinery. The stock runs high on used cars. The brand has managed a fancy online store with an exotic collection of cars of all prices. They are known for providing quality customer support services. Having pride in delivering the best quality and fully maintained cars, the company is known for its policies and guarantees.

Qualitex Trading

Qualitex Trading- one of the premier Japanese automobile exporter exports cars to all the leading states and countries. It has a stock of more than three thousand vehicles. The company has gained a respectable measure of success within the last few years. The online auction bidding system manages a well-organized channel for customers to shop. The comprehensive collection gives details of every little area and feature present on the car. Furthermore, the prices offered there ranges from as low as $1500 to as high as $5000. You can choose from a diversified range of cars.

SBT Co. Ltd.

SBT was found in January 1993 with its headquarter based in Yokohama. Since 1993, the company has excelled in the industry and has opened its offices in multiple areas and cities. The company is known for its huge car collection. It has always delivered exceptional quality vehicles to the customer across the globe. SBT Global- as the name itself sound is working with more than fifteen countries and is exporting cars every single day. The company pride itself in establishing healthy and prosperous customer relationships. The major importers of SBT include Africa, South Asia, UK, Oceania, and the US. Moreover, the company provides maintenance facilities as well. If you ask them to change the mirrors, add fancy features or refill tires they will cater you with all such facilities.

Al Ain Japan

Al Ain Japan is one of the leading companies that exports cars all across the globe. The company has more a thousand cars with fully maintained services. In the retail industry, used car japan auction enjoys maximum preferences from customers. The best part of the company is that they deliver only highest quality cars to its customers. Each and every piece delivered shows professionalism and value commitments.

Autorec Enterprise Ltd

Autorec is the only company that guarantees to provide even the oldest cars. Cars belonging to 1990's era can be found here in their stock. They are known for providing fully maintained and best performing cars. The unique flair about their services is that they have maintained a car accessories section as well for those who want to buy car parts that are difficult to find anywhere else. Now you do not have to worry about your legend car, as all its part are available here. Furthermore, Autorec pride itself for delivering highly reasonable vehicles. There are less additional charges and they completely follow the market rates. Established in 1977, it is one of the oldest company in the automobile auction industry. Their annual sales cross 550 cars. They enjoy many sales in the African market as the cars suit best in the African landscape.


Tomisho is the earliest exporters of Japanese cars. Knowing the immense advantages of these Japanese cars, the firm has started their export business much before other entities begin to discover the retail gems. As this is the oldest brand it has a fully established customer base with many prominent countries in the contract. The company strictly follows legal rules and export on the basis of laws. They never dispatch low maintained cars. Every single export has exotic pieces and cars with highly reasonable prices.

To Wrap Up

On the internet, you get flooded with tons of brands who are exporting amazing quality of cars. What you must do is focus on the terms and condition offered by the company and check the maintenance history of the car is you are planning to buy a used car. Otherwise, check every area to avoid any disappointment after the delivery of your newly bought car. Its more like, better be conscious than be sorry!

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