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Fun Facts About Gambling Movies

by Editor (editor), , March 09, 2018

There are even movies that are based on real life events that surround casinos and gambling.

The idea of gambling has existed about as long as humanity. And it’s something that has captured the interest of different people from different walks of life for a long time. The entertainment activity was so popular that it even managed to reach Hollywood, which resulted in the production of plenty of gambling-themed movies.

These types of movies are so popular that they practically have their own movie genre. There is the tension and the thrill of gambling, which can be perfectly translated to the silver screen and can generate excitement and an emotional roller-coaster for the audience.

The world of gambling itself has brought us an array of unique stories, from happy to sad. And the ability to portray these emotions in different styles is truly a form of art. While some movies use the sophistication and the glamour of the gambling world, others prefer taking you through its dark and action-packed point of view.

These movies have become a phenomenon and practically every time Hollywood manages to deliver a high-quality film that creates a certain type of drama that no other genre can do.

Some of the top gambling movies include Casino Royale, a movie with Daniel Craig where he plays the popular character and beloved spy, James Bond, on a secret mission. There is Rounders, about a reformed young gambler that is forced to return to his dark past. Casino, which is a tale of deception, greed, money, power and murder between two best friends. Ocean’s 11, where a group of well-known actors join up in order to rob some casinos.

And many, many more. These are just some of the movies that didn’t have a very high cost of production, but ended up being so popular that made millions more in the box office.

There are even movies that are based on real life events that surround casinos and gambling.

One such instance is the movie The Pelayos (2012). It is about the Spanish mathematician (and sound engineer) Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo. He managed to create his own system, which helped him to win. In such way, he and his sons beat casino in honest and legitimate way. Do you know the sum that he received? His winnings at roulette amounted to more than half a million dollars.

All of these ever-so-popular movies have even had effects on the image of gambling itself. After watching some Hong Kong movies about gambling, most of the viewers in China said that they wanted to travel to Macau because that was where the movies had been set. They also agreed that the movies accurately represented the painful situation of gambling addiction.

It’s more than obvious that gambling has a way to intrigue both the players and the viewers, in this thrill of the play of chance. As each player takes a leap of faith, the audience holds their breath and their hearts skip a beat.

With all of the elaborated plans about counting cards or robbing casinos and the mind-blowing tricks, these movies can keep anyone on their toes and addicted till the very last minute.

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