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Do You Know Jack?

by Christopher Gibson (writer), the burbs..., February 16, 2008

The recipe for the perfect radio station.

Hey Houston, have you met Jack? Well if you haven’t, please allow me to introduce you. Launched in August of 2007, Jack is Houston’s newest and most awesome radio station to date. Having suffered from a severe lack in quality programming, Houston received a shot in the arm when Jack came to town. Roaring into town on his turbocharged airwaves, Jack arrived in Houston with an attitude and proclaimed, “Screw you mainstream media, I’m gonna play what I want”.

What’s so good about Jack you ask? It’s simple. Jack rocks. The station’s motto is “Playing what we want”, and they mean it. Jack doesn’t take requests so don’t bother calling and asking because you'll just be wasting your time. Sporting an enormous playlist, you're spared the drudgery of hear the same song over and over again like with other stations. And there’s no annoying DJ’s talking over the music like other stations either, just a witty announcer dude with an attitude and the occasional commercial break. Even the commercials Jack airs have attitude. Jack isn’t afraid to air the commercials that main stream stations would be run away from screaming.

So what kind of music does Jack play? The only way to describe Jack’s format is the best music from the 70’s 80’s 90’s and today. It’s like someone took the playlists from 96.5 (KHMX), 107.5 (KHTC), 93.7 (KKRW) and 106.9 (KHPT) and dumped them all into one big box, threw in some really good obscure stuff that no one else plays, shook it up, and started playing whatever song comes out next. You may hear David Bowie one minute then Maroon Five the next. Crosby, Stills and Nash and Oingo Boingo on the same station? “That’s blasphemy!” some would say. No, that’s Jack playing what they want.

Jack is a member station of Cumulus Media, Inc. which according to their website is “the second largest radio broadcasting company in the United States based on the number of stations owned or operated”. Other local stations owned by Cumulus media include 104.1 (KRBE) and 97.5 (KFNC – Sports Talk).

So you want to meet Jack? Then tune your radios to KHJK located at 103.7 FM, or click on and click “Listen Live”.

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By Justin on June 09, 2008 at 02:04 pm

Reminds me of one of the stations off of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, hiliriously similar, now I can't turn it off, thanks Chris.

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