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8 Ways to Keep Track of Your Progress as a Tutor

by Sankar (writer), Kolkata, March 19, 2018

Tutors are the last resort after parental teaching and schools. They have a huge responsibility towards children’s career and they should know ways to progress.

Teaching is a noble profession as you burn yourself to light others. Tutors are also teachers who teach privately or simply not from a school setting.

The job of a tutor is usually more difficult than that of a teacher, because teacher helps a class full of students, but tutors have to be specific. Teachers don’t take the obligation of preparing every child in the same way, but tutors have to give their best to help a child through their curriculums.

Following are some ways that can help you keep a check on your progress as a teacher:

  1. Get the ‘back-to-school’ feeling

We don’t mean all the aspects of being a school student, but to acquaint yourself to texts that you had left long back. You probably hold a masters degree and have cleared tough examinations for yourself, but when it comes to teaching others, you need to rewind back to their level.

2. Study in-depth

Tutors can never skip on studying because students can always come up with complicated questions. You shouldn’t only know the text or a mathematic formula, but you should have answers to the most difficult questions or solve tricky math. To let you students rely on you, you need to show that you are an expert at what you teach.

3. Prepare in advance

There are times when you tend to forget subjects that you are about to teach. Before you start reading out or start solving a new chapter to the students, you should get yourself prepared for it. If you are going to read a new prose from literature texts, you should have read it before revealing the story to the students.

4. Stay updated with schools

It is tough to determine question paper patterns for junior standards in school. However, if you teach kids that are in the 8th standard or above, you would have question papers that they are likely to get in their examination. You need to know how the paper patterns are for your students, so that they don’t find any unfamiliar when they sit for an examination.

Knowing a pattern of question paper doesn’t mean knowing the questions itself. However, the format helps kids stay a step ahead and not waste a little more time while writing their answer scripts.

5. Study your students

To make sure that you are a good tutor you need to keep a close check on how your students react to you. Are your sessions full of fun or are the students always quiet? Do they participate to make your tutorial session go smooth or do they look out-of-focus midway?

Sometimes we don’t know how well we do our work or tasks, as long as someone else react to it. Your students are the questions and answers to your own capability towards doing your job. Notice how they behave and take part in your tutorial.

6. Be firm and friendly

Students get firmness from parents and teachers when it comes to their curriculum. On the contrary, tutors should try to strike a balance between being friendly and frank. There should be firmness at all times, but to make studying fun for kids is quite an interesting way to help them love the process of learning.

7. Go before time

Good tutors always try and keep children updated with their syllabus. If you can manage to go a step before the school, your students would first learn from you and then brush up their memory when the same chapters are done in school.

Sometimes, these kids are quicker to grasp the chapters and answer questions when asked in class. It shows that the child is progressing and that means the tutor is too.

8. Results

Finally, when there is a change in a student’s result, you would know that you have progressed as a tutor. You would know that your efforts have paid off, and you have helped a child level up in their career.

It isn’t a tough job to keep students under your control, if you love to teach. Follow these steps so that you can accomplish a brighter career and help someone else make their path towards their career.

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