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Ride In Style For Less – Choose A Used Luxury Car

by lenardjohnson (writer), , March 05, 2018

If you tell your friends that you’re considering buying a luxury car, you’ve likely heard this response: “Well, then you should buy used”.

Your friends aren’t wrong – for many, it is much better to buy a used luxury car than a new one, because of a great variety of reasons, chief of which is financial. In order to make your decision process easier, we've compiled a list of the best reasons to choose a used luxury car.

For starters, the price. When purchasing a new car, the price is the first large hurdle that many people struggle to leap, as they work to build up a down payment, only to be met afterwards with colossal monthly loan payments. But buying a used luxury car makes the whole purchase much more affordable, and you'll be able to ride in style without breaking the bank. Additionally, if you find the right used car dealership, they’ll work to find the vehicle you want – one that’s firmly in your price range – and will even accept the trade-in of your old car as value against the price of the new one.

Once you’ve decided on the car you want, find a dealership here in the GTA, like Village Luxury Cars here in Markham, that offer mobile test-drives, which are exactly what they sound like: a representative of the dealership will come to you with the car, whether you’re at work, home or even arriving from the airport, and let you test drive it remotely. It’s this kind of above-and-beyond service that you pretty much never find at new car dealerships, and it’s one of the refreshing benefits of shopping for a used car.

Another great pro of buying a used luxury car is the safety. If you're buying a used car, you'll know that the car is in good running condition – after all, the car has clearly been running for a few years before it was traded in – and good used luxury car dealerships will meticulously test the state of their cars. This doesn’t always happen with cars fresh off the assembly line, which aren’t road-tested like used cars are. Also, with buying a used luxury car, you’ve likely dodged the possibility of being affected by a recall, as your vehicle has been on the market for a short while.

Finally, one of the best parts of buying a used luxury car is the ease of mind knowing that you're fully covered if something happens to your car. The very best dealerships here in the GTA offer extended warranties for their used cars, tending often to cover more than the standard warranties offered by the actual car manufacturers, giving you less to worry about in case of an emergency.

Overall, it's easy to see that purchasing a used luxury car versus a new luxury car has a great share of benefits. If you're in the market for a luxury car, and you like having extra money in your pocket, always remember – consider the used model first!

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