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The Best Areas in Leeds to Live as a Student

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , February 20, 2018

These would make the best options when seeking accommodations close to the school.

No matter where you decide to go to university, deciding where to live can be a major factor. Sometimes a student will live at home with their parents if they are close enough to the school they’ve gained entrance to. However, what if that university is too far to travel daily?

If you will be entering the University of Leeds next semester, the ideal location would obviously be within a few minutes walking distance. There is some amazing student accommodation in Leeds with extra amenities for added security within moments of the university, so these would make the best options when seeking accommodations close to the school.

St Mark’s Court

Conveniently located just a 200-metre walk to the university, St Mark’s Court has space available for 85 residents, in all. These are spacious studios provided by Collegiate that offer Wi-Fi or high-speed broadband internet access, which is what today’s student really needs to excel in their studies. With accommodations this close to the university, it offers more time to study because travel time is reduced to mere moments! Don’t forget, St Marks Court also has laundry facilities on site as well! This is a really great option if you don’t want to live on campus.

Pennine House

When looking for high-end student accommodations, Pennine House is probably one of your best options. Located in the heart of the city centre, Pennine House also offers high-speed Wi-Fi and broadband (for study as well as socialisation!) but also offers a choice in what is called “Ultra Studios” which are equipped with ovens and dishwashers. What student wouldn’t want a dishwasher? Have you ever walked into an apartment that didn’t have a sink full of yesterday’s dishes waiting to be washed? As far as living in the lap of luxury, Pennine House also has an on-site cinema, a TV room, and even a club lounge for students to enjoy in the evenings. This is student luxury at its finest.

Areas in Leeds to Consider

While those are two choices close to the University of Leeds, within a few minutes walking distance, there are other student accommodations scattered about the city. Some may be a 15-20-minute walking distance to classes, but well worth the effort since they are great neighbourhoods with a wide range of apartment sizes and styles to suit all needs. These areas include:

  • Headingly
  • Hyde Park
  • Kirkstall
  • Woodhouse
  • Burley

Each of those areas is quite close to the city centre and also close enough to the university grounds to walk. Public transport is available, but most students prefer to bike or walk to classes. The object is to stay close enough to school to make it easy to arrive on time for lectures, but in areas that suit your living style and, of course, your budget.

With so many apartments available to students, you do have your pick of locations as well as in size and amenities offered. In a university town, accommodations aren’t always readily available, but in Leeds, you can find what suits you because of all the options available that cater to college-age tenants. Take time to browse around, but not too much time! The best apartments book up quite quickly, so you’ll want to take your pick now before someone else beats you to it.

Here’s hoping you find just what you are looking for. Start today and your chances are good.

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