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Facing Challenges With Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

Here are 4 Tricks To Get It Right At The First Go!

The major reason why organizations across the globe use mobility solutions is because employees can do their job from anywhere using any device. In layman terms, enterprise mobility is also referred to as mobile devices such as smartphone, laptops and tablets. But, mobility solutions also cover the workers themselves and the mobility of the corporate data. In other words – it is a cloud storage system that can be accessed from anywhere across the globe and at real time. However, off late IT Admins have started to face challenges while dealing with Enterprise Mobility Solutions.

·Manage Off Network:

There are still many organizations that use legacy tools in order to carry out their day-to-day work. These tools are not compatible with enterprise solution. They do not support remote users and mobile workforces thereby rendering enterprise mobility useless. This leads to rise in security risks and higher operating costs. Patching the operating system does not help. In such a situation, it is best to rely on UEM – unified endpoint management. It helps to keep sync between your offices; remote employees and the field work with minimal IT involvements. All your work is updated with minimal patchwork required.

·Ensuring Real-Time Access To Data:

Real Time access is one of the major features of enterprise mobility solutions. But many organizations and their employees are yet to get comfortable with regard to using this feature. One of the major areas of concern is how to keep the organizations data safe and secure without putting the company at risk. If your organization is facing this challenge then don’t get baffled. Just make sure that you opt for a secure and centralized file-sharing feature where only those files will be available that your company wishes to share with its team. In fact, the company can modify who will be able to edit the data and make any changes as and when required without compromising the company’s reputation.

·Mobile User Experience And The Challenges Faced:

Introducing mobile enterprise into workflows can be quite the task. The main objective is to provide the employees with a working environment that allows them to do the same work in their mobile devices (as they would have done with their desktops) from any virtual location. As such user-experience plays a significant role. The organization needs to streamline the tasks so that productivity increases and the challenges faced can be overcome in a positive way. However, this involves the decision of restructuring the applications that you plan to use for mobile setting.

Here, comes the major challenge. The organization has to opt for a way that makes mobile working functional while delivering an intuitive and satisfying mobile experience. Unless the user-experience is positive, mobile apps will not find any users. Hence, the organization will never profit any return on the investment that they had planned for.

Make sure that no shortcuts are used. To prevent these negative outcomes from taking place, the planning and use of enterprise mobility solutions should be such that the employees would love to use them in their daily work life. To ensure this take into account the industry sector your organization belongs to, job function, physical content and the frequency of use. In addition to this, keep in mind that your end users will want instant, effortless access to the professional tools. Therefore determining the interface becomes vital. Make sure that the company puts in enough research work, time and creativity to get the job done in a seamless manner.

·Deciding On The Mobile Strategy:

Building on the mobile strategy is a key area if you wish to improve your business. If required the organization should seek guidance from reliable partners and experienced solutions provider in order to devise the mobile strategy. Make sure that the strategy is not too far fetched because market trends are changing constantly. What you need is a strategy that focuses on current opportunities and takes into account the scalability aspect.

At the end of the day, the organization should not hesitate to fail. In fact, the company should be open to failures with a willingness to learn. Only then they will be able to move ahead and get the desired results.

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