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Should You Treat Yourself To A Journey In Style The Next Time You Travel?

by Editor (editor), , January 30, 2018

This is why so many travellers who enjoy a more relaxed and luxurious trip, choose to travel via private jet.

Travelling in style is a concept that most people love the idea of - who wouldn’t want to travel in style? Often, plane journeys on commercial airline flights are painted as being uncomfortable and unenjoyable. From the lack of legroom and the microwaved food to the lengthy boarding times and loud environment, there’s a lot to dislike about travelling via commercial airline planes.

An alternative way to travel is via private jet. Anyone who has ever been on a private jet instead of travelling via commercial plane will know just how different the experience can be, and how much more enjoyable it can be. This is why so many travellers who enjoy a more relaxed and luxurious trip, choose to travel via private jet.

The obvious option for anyone who does not own a jet of their own or isn’t in a position to purchase one is to charter one. The fact is that with increases in the cost of airfare, many individuals and businesses are choosing to charter jets instead of travelling via commercial airlines.

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For most travellers, aside from the consideration of comfort, the main reasons to choose to charter a jet include time. Check-ins and customs lines are always long, not to mention the lines to get through security. Throw in unexpected delays and long layovers, and it is easy to see why so many people prefer to fly via private jet, rather than waiting around for a commercial flight.

Of course, the most commonly asked question when it comes to chartering a private jet is ‘how much does a private jet cost?’ To give you an insight into the price of flying privately and what the benefits are of doing so, we have put together a useful guide below, full of everything that you will need to know.

On-demand pricing or fixed-rate pricing

There are two main types of pricing for chartering a jet; these are on-demand pricing and fixed-rate pricing. The reason that there are two pricing options available is because different people have different needs and different budgets. To ensure that the needs of every traveller are met, there are two main price options to choose from.

On-demand pricing is the first option. The rates of this option fluctuate based on three main factors: the aircraft type that is used, the availability of the aircraft, and the location of the aircraft before take off. Say, for instance, you need a five seater private jet to fly from Manchester Airport to Madrid in Spain, if a jet was available close by, the price would be lower. However, if the jet was further away and needed to travel to you, the price would be higher.

The other option is fixed-rate pricing. This is the option that most suits people who use chartered jets on a regular basis as it offers a set rate that doesn’t tend to change too much. This means that you can get a better idea of what price to expect to pay for each journey. To benefit from fixed-rate pricing, you would need to sign up to a jet card. This can be expensive, but what a lot of people do is get a group of friends together and all chip in for a jet card so that they can split the cost.

On-demand pricing explained...

Rates for on-demand charter flights have a tendency to fluctuate and are priced on a per trip basis, so it is not always easy to determine how much the cost of the flight will be. The price will always depend on the type and size of the aircraft, whether it is available, and where it is located in relation to where it needs to be caught from.

  • With on-demand pricing, it can be hard to determine an answer to the question of how much your chartered flight will cost. How it usually works is that all available aircrafts will be analysed, you will then be able to select your preferred choice of aircraft, depending on your price range, of course.
  • As part of the process of chartering a flight, you can also ask to review any other cost-saving options, such as booking a one-way charter flight. This can be useful if you are only chartering a flight to save time on one leg of your journey or because you’ve missed a flight that there is not another of for a while.
  • Then there is the fact that sometimes a search of the system can show that a private aircraft would be travelling via your proposed route anyway so that you can use it at a reduced price.

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Fixed-rate pricing explained…

While on-demand pricing works well for some travellers, it’s not for everyone. When it comes to budgeting your travel expenditure, on-demand pricing doesn’t make the process very easy. Whereas, fixed-rate pricing which is offered by jet cards, such as Stratos Jet Card, can offer a more clear idea of how much your travel will cost. By knowing what your aircraft fees will be in advance, you can budget your travel expenses in advance.

What are the pros of each?

Benefits of on-demand pricing include:

  • No upfront costs. Chartering a jet can make your travel overseas more affordable. However, the cost of fixed-rate jet cards can be quite high. Plus, once you choose to take one out, you are often tied into a period of 12 or 24 months of paying a set fee for the use of jets as and when you need them. Whereas, this isn’t the case with on-demand jet chartering.
  • Lower hourly rates. Average hourly rate cards for fixed-rate jets can be incredibly high, as high as $10,000 - $15,000. Whereas, when you charter an on-demand jet, you are always given the best and lowest prices to work with. This can help to reduce the cost of the jet, making chartering it more affordable.
  • Flexibility. When it comes to flexibility, on-demand pricing is the best option to go for. This is because it tends to offer a wider range of flight options to choose from, making it easier for you to cut costs and keep the price as low as possible.

Benefits of fixed-rate pricing include:

  • Predictable expenses. Jet card members have the benefit of always getting their flights at a fixed rate. This makes it easier to predict the costs that will come with your flights. You can fly wherever you want to, whenever you want to, and not have to worry about any on-going fees.
  • Guaranteed availability. One of the best perks that comes with owning a jet card membership is the fact that you have guaranteed availability. This means that you will always have access to a suitable aircraft and can travel whenever you want to.
  • No repositioning costs. Then there is the fact that jet card members only pay for the time that they fly, meaning no repositioning costs to worry about covering.

It can be difficult to determine exactly how much it will cost to charter a plane, as it often depends on what plane type, and what type payment you want to make. However, the guide above should help to give you a better idea. When it comes to determining whether you should treat yourself to a journey in style the next time you travel, it mainly comes down to cost, so working out what the price would be is crucial.

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