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Mesmerizing Magic of Flavors, Tastes and Aroma

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , January 24, 2018

These fresh crops add a natural simple taste to the food. Consistent food quality is another feature of the food.

Italian food is the best example of how a mouthwatering dish can be prepared with farm fresh fruits & vegetables, creamy cheese, fresh herbs and sauces. Tomatoes, olives, corns, oranges, peppers, grapes, etc. all are used as main ingredients in preparing the Italian cuisine. The Italian food is inspired from Italy where most of the crops are home grown and no or very less pesticides are used. These fresh crops add a natural simple taste to the food. Consistent food quality is another feature of the food.

Well, most of us know Italy as just another destination for marriages of couples like Virushka. But Italy is the land of colors and flavors, not just in nature but also in food. The rich Italian food is light and yet does a good job of satisfying the tummy and satiating the taste buds. The city offers relaxing ambience and great architecture along with the food which has a variety of taste, flavors and aromas. Hence, no one is left without being mesmerized with the magic that the land has to offer.

Thanks to the expanding businesses and technology that the flavors of Italy have touched all the lands. It is worth noting that the Italian cuisine is beyond pizza and pasta. Although, pizza is the all-time favorite for most of the casual occasions and offers great variety in different flavors, yet there is a lot on the menu inspired from Italy. Most of the chefs believe that Italian menu is something which can’t be understood with logic and intellect. It needs to be experienced in a way that you slowly chew the food and feel it melting inside your mouth. Olive oil is the cooking oil used in the Italian dishes. It can be used to fry the ingredients in the start or to drizzle a few drops towards the end. Garlic and onions are extensively used but the apples of eye for the Italian chefs are the green vegetables. It is interesting to note that the Italians love the idea of relishing delicious food which has been preserved. It adds to the aroma and flavors in a magical way. Be it their idea of turning grapes into wine or turning olives into extra virgin olive oil, they master the art. Also pork is tuned into sausages so that the tastes can be savored a little more!

As the Americans and Indians explored the Italian menu, they started adding their own flavors to the food. For instance in India, one of the pizza variety is served with paneer or cottage cheese as a main ingredient along with capsicum. Same way corn cheese pizza is a distorted but a favorite form of popular Italian dish. The authenticity of the food is lost, when the global tastes are to be satiated. Yet the colors and flavors, with the love for olive oil, still remains the same while preparing or consuming Italian cuisine.

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