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What Types of Materials Can Be Placed in Rental Dumpsters?

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , January 13, 2018

Let’s take a closer look at some of the universally accepted uses for rental dumpsters.

Rental dumpsters are used every single day by people all over the world because of the numerous benefits they deliver. When it comes to waste management, renting a dumpster is an efficient way to get rid of excess waste with ease. However, a rental container can’t be used for disposing of all types of material. The exact types of materials that can be placed in roll-off dumpsters vary from company to company. If you have never rented a container before, you might find this a little bit confusing. For example, nearly all dumpster rental companies forbid their customers from disposing of toxic materials and chemicals, as well as certain types of flammable materials or electrical goods. So, with everything said, let’s take a closer look at some of the universally accepted uses for rental dumpsters.

Household Clearances

If a roll off dumpster isn't used for construction and industrial waste management, it is used for major home renovation projects or household clearances. Most homeowners get the idea of renting a dumpster when they see one of their neighbors have rented it to clear out their home. For years, citizens of US consider Action Dumpsters dumpster rentals the preferred way to deal with old unwanted household goods, starting from old storage boxes and books to disused pieces of furniture. It doesn’t matter if you are what kind of home project you’re planning, you will certainly find a container useful. Since they come in many shapes and sizes, you can easily choose the one that will perfectly meet your needs.

Almost all household goods can be disposed of through a rental container, but as we said, stuff like computers and televisions as well as other electronic appliances can’t be disposed of through a roll off dumpster. The reason behind is that most local dumpster rental companies contribute to preserving our environment. Since all electronic devices can be recycled, there is no need to throw them away like other waste.

Landscaping Leftovers

When it comes to garden clearance, large rental containers can be just the right thing you were looking for. Roll off dumpsters can be used to transport turf and various forms and sizes of rock and soil. Since these materials are very heavy and compact, it would be hard getting rid of them in some other way. It is important to mention that when loading the bin, you must be careful not to overload the dumpster. You must always stay within the designated weight allowance, even if there is just a little bit of waste left.

Building Waste

Anywhere there's a construction site you have probably noticed a large container. Roll off containers are typically used to dispose of heavy construction material and waste such as bricks, concrete, certain kinds of paneling, pipes, and tiles. As long as the materials are non-toxic, they can be loaded into the bin.

Every dumpster rental company must abide by the waste disposal laws in your community if they want to avoid paying hefty fines. The same goes for you too. Please contact a dumpster rental professional near you to discuss any of your waste disposal concerns.

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