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Why Jiji is ?1 Nigerian marketplace?

by herbertp343 (writer), , January 13, 2018

In this post, you will find all the answers to that!

The centuries-old mankind tradition of the "seller's market" has undergone revision - because of intense competition, and because of the rethinking of the very process of trade. As a result, “accessibility paradigm” emerged, capable of changing the economic world.

And free ads portals play a huge role here, and in particular - the number 1 online-marketplace in Nigeria, Jiji!

So what is Jiji, and how this web resource has influenced the life of Nigerians? What benefits it offers, how it helps you find affordable products and build your own business without leaving home? In this post, you will find all the answers to that!

In 2014, in Lagos, Jiji was created as a free ads portal - a place designed to help people buy and sell different products on the most favorable terms.

Jiji for buyers: what are the benefits?

· Look for what you need in hundreds of thousands of ads, including special offers and sales!

· Save time by using a thoughtful search with filters!

· Get detailed information about the product with photos!

· Easily contact the seller directly on the site!

· Enjoy simple and effective shopping!

· Be 100% protected from scams!

Jiji for seller: what are the benefits?

· Publish unlimited number of ads for free!

· Publish ads as a private retailer - or register your store / company!

· Start your own successful business with just N1000!

· Sell faster with special Jiji boost packs!

· Monitor the effectiveness of your business campaign with built-in sales analytics!Offer your products / services to potential consumers all over the country - or in a specific region!

Sell more efficiently, using more features - install free updated Jiji app!

The bottom line: how Jiji changed life of thousands of people?

· Created the best online-marketplace for buyers and sellers in Nigeria.

· Made a significant contribution to the economy, allowing demand “find” a proposal on the most favorable terms, and vice versa.

· Provided maximum security of transactions.

· Provided maximum operational support to users.

· Helped hundreds of thousands of Nigerians find their favourite job, and hundreds of companies to find worthy employees.

· Created a fascinating blog with the latest news.

Today Jiji is:

· One of TOP 5 sites in Commerce & Retail category according to WAMAS.

· The holder of NIRA Award as The Most Innovative Service Provider Online.

· A popular selling platform with numerous opportunities for developing your business.

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