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Modern Music Tech Has Come a Long Way in the Last Century

by Jennifer Winget (writer), , January 29, 2018

In recent days, the technology has a remarkable effect and helped to bring the listener closer to the modern music.

Now, the society has been continued to expand technologically, so the music industry can continues to expand as well. With the advancement of technology, it not only impacts the type of music artists develop, but also affects how the listeners take music and also learn to play the instruments. Especially, the audio technology has coming a long way as well as continues to evolve in these days. In the present digital era, the improved media formats, audio hardware and on-demand streaming services can find out the music intake. However, the experience of music is now very closely intertwined with the latest technology, so people can enjoy music in several ways and it does not exist without using this technology.

Over the past two decades, the technology has changed the way that has consumed music. You just read and learn about the music tech evolution from the points given below:

MP3 is born

Before introduced the digital audio compression in the year of 1995, the compact discs and cassette tapes could fulfill the music enthusiasts or hunger. Really thank to the online explosion, because the MP3 became the standard audio format during mid-to-late part of a decade. These MP3 files have capability to minimize the audio data, so that the computer users can easily found the larger music libraries even at smaller capacity of memory. This would expand the media playback leading into millennium.


Apple has invented a media library application that allows people to play, buy and also store the music via this app. Unlike others, it also processes the groundbreaking portable media player. It has an ability to carry between 5, 000 to 40, 000 songs and give access to the whole music catalog without even worrying about the memory cards or swapping discs. However, this Apple’s iTunes ecosystem has offered a corridor to play all files on its machines such as Mac Book laptops, iPhone, iPad and Mac desktops.


Once upon a time, people could turn on to the idiot box channels like MTV and BET to watch something interesting other than reality television. After sometime, people can switch up to the internet domain called as the YouTube surfaced, which became an excellent alternative for such entertainment and also serves as a wonderful platform for aspired the terrible online celebrities and musicians to express their talents.

Satellite radio

As like the satellite and cable television went on to modify a way to watch the TV, the invention of satellite has gone on to do the similar thing for the audio airwaves. After some years, the satellite radio is becoming the official preference for the musical consume. Also, the SiriusXM platform has offered millions of musical listener’s access that crossed over 1, 200 programming channels ranged from sports, music and all other kinds of entertainment all over the years.

Portable booming systems

Honestly, the listening is just half the experience, which could be the best experience taken by the audience. In today’s audio manufacturers started to engineer and optimize the quality of sound on the ultramodern wireless speakers, boom boxes and also the smart phones in order to match the output found on top-end models. These are available on AudioReputation for affordable price tag.

On demand streaming

The on demand streaming services has a great potential in the music field. They provide instant access to the whole artist’s discography or the top hits along with the sharing capabilities, arrange playlists and other programs such as spotify and freeloader, which removes the need for saving the music files. This will make it easier to stream content from any computer based device like laptop or smart phone.

Social discovery

In these days, the social media and music seems to go hand-in-hand. Right from the beginning, everyone loves an audience and the biggest name of industry continually remains the trendy topic. Even many social domains like Myspace and Twitter allow audience to access via its musical service. Through a bulk of data from personal preferences to hash tags, the social engines recommend the selection of music and make the life a lot easier by simply directing the listeners to stream services.

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