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Three innovations that changed sports betting

by Editor (editor), , January 04, 2018

There are three particular things that have been particularly impressive and have changed the way we gamble on sport:

Over the past decade the way that people across the world bet on sport has changed dramatically. You used to have to trapse down to a dank, tired and lifeless shop where you would pick up a confusing slip of paper that you would invariably fill in wrong, in order to place a bet on any kind of sport. The mobile age has totally changed that and has made it far easier to make bets and to keep track of what is happening in the sporting world. You can place money on sports across the world whenever you like and keep track of how they are going without ever having to leave your living room.

Alongside making it easier to bet, companies have also come up with a number of different and exciting ways to make the online betting experience more rewarding and exciting. There is a reason that companies are placing more stock into mobile betting and that customers are rewarding their innovation with increased use of their product. It is often said that with increased competition companies will have to come up with fresh and exciting ideas to keep their customers as they can easily switch new supplier.

There are some areas where this has failed to be the case, you only need to look at this week's price hikes on the UK rail network while their service continues to grow worse. However it has absolutely proven true of betting companies, there are three particular things that have been particularly impressive and have changed the way we gamble on sport:

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Free bet offers

In the days before mobile betting apps, when you had to go in-store, betting companies had no incentive whatsoever to give you offers or to try and get you to open an account. They had a captive market, you could in theory go somewhere else but in many smaller towns and cities that was a pain and meant a long journey. Now with so many sites just a click away, every company needs to work hard to keep it customers, hence offers like these best UK free bets are very common. Companies need a way to draw you in, to convince you they are the best bookmakers for you meaning you can take advantage of free bets in order to try out different betting sites before deciding on your favourite. It also made gambling less risky, if you had a bet you were unsure of suddenly you could use your free bet to make it. You didn’t need to put the money down immediately, if at all. This innovation gave us more choice and freedom.

In-play betting

Another issue, in the days before online betting, was the fact that you couldn’t see some of a game or some of a race before deciding to part with your hard earned cash. You had to bet before and hope that your intuition or your best guess was good enough to win you money. Sometimes after ten minutes of a match you could see you had made a horrible mistake but it was too late to rectify it. Or you might think you noticed something that will influence the result but again you had no chance to act on this brilliant piece of knowledge. In-play betting means we can bet on things as they happen, again giving us more choice and making it easier to win.

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Cash Out

Finally recent years have given us cash out, something that felt absolutely revolutionary when it first came to our phones and computers. If you were winning but were nervous your bet might not go to plan or if you had a feeling that the side you backed to win were about to collapse then you could take some of the money and run. For longer term bets, which were made to last the course of a season, you could take the money early to ensure you had some winnings to spend. This innovation was all about control, suddenly you had a new weapon, a new tool to use to beat the bookmakers. Now we even have some bets where you can cash out a bit and keep a bit, the level of control is fantastic and something which has helped to make many betters happier. Betting often feels down to luck, this helped to erase at least some of that.

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