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Build Your Own Golf Push Cart

by herbertp343 (writer), , January 03, 2018

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You can build your own golf push cart. If you want you can read the good golf push carts.

Besides offering you a unique way to keep fit and interact with old friends while making new ones, there are so many things that are special about golf as a sport. Among them is that there are plenty of golf equipment which we can build on our hence giving us the happiness and contentment which comes with doing something ourselves. And if you didn’t know, it is now possible to build your own golf push cart. And you need not be all woodwork savvy as it requires minimal hand skills to finish. Read on to find out how and also what you will need so that you can build your own golf push cart. If you want you can read the good golf push carts.

What you need

To build your own golf push cart, you will need a few pieces of hardware which you can easily have access to because they are in your nearby hardware retail shop and if you are used to doing most projects yourself then chances are they are in your garage. Either way below are the tools you need.

- A ruler. You can already tell this will help you with the dimensions

- Wrenches

- Screwdrivers (you can keep two just in case you need a spare)

- Power converter to assist in power transmission from the motor to the wheels

- And finally, a motor

Summary of the steps to follow

- Take the measurements

- Select the right engine

- Work on transmitting the motor power to the wheels

- Final touches

As you can tell from the steps above, it is something that anyone can easily do on their own. It requires no special skills but a touch of creativity and focus. Now let’s dive in further into how you go about each of the above steps.

Step one: taking the measurements

For this level, you need utmost precision because if you don't take accurate measurements, you may end up with a motor which does not fit. Therefore, using your ruler, measure the dimensions of the engine, these include its height and length so you can determine the dimensions it will occupy on the cart.

Step 2: select the right motor

Once you are sure of the motor dimensions, it is now time to find the perfect one. You are spoilt for choice here as you can choose one from any motor-driven equipment such as a water pump. Nonetheless while doing so, you should

- Choose a motor with a horsepower of ten or above because the more the HP, the better its performance even in hilly areas

- Consider its cooling system. Here you can select between one which uses air or water. A motor with an air cooling system is very straightforward and hence more recommendable if you want to build your own golf push cart. Whichever you chose to go for, just ensure you set it in the right position to prevent overheating

Step 3: power transmission to the wheels

You already have the right motor, but without connecting it to the golf push cartwheels, it will be of no help. So, next step is to work on transmitting the motor power to the wheels. This is where the other tools such as the power converter come into play. It is more convenient thanks to its automatic gearbox, and easy installation as all you need is to follow the manual that came with it using the screwdriver and the pair of wrenches as shown on the tool list above.

Final touches

Again, if you want to build your own golf push cart, you have the options of choosing between a one and two-wheel drive. The latter is much easier to operate and develop, but the two-wheel can be a little confusing. Nonetheless, it all comes down to your preference, and that is how you build your own golf push cart.

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