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Best Materials for roof construction

by Stuartclocks (writer), , January 13, 2018

Analysis of best roofing materials available in the market. Comparison of different roofing materials, there pros and cons and which materials are suitable for a perfect roof.

Before you make any clothes for yourself you do give a thought on which material to use in the making. Clothes, which are not as significant as your house requires you to think for a while, when you are getting your house built or renovated won’t you think about which material to use for construction? There was a time when only one material was available but now you can choose from a variety and get the one which is most suitable for you. As you read further, you will be informed about the best roofing materials and from the details provided you can make an even better decision.

Composite Shingle Roof:

This is the most common and popular roofing material used for the task. Now the durability of this type is quite variable. For the lower bound it can survive 15 years only while at maximum 50 years is the upper bound. But while they get worn out in 15 years they are still feasible due to their low cost and the installation doesn’t ever require that much effort. If you choose a better manufacturer and contractor the chances of the roof lasting increases.

Wood Shingle Roof:

The average lifespan is about 25 years. Since wood is an organic material it can be decayed and attacked by different bacteria and fungi. One of the common destroyers is the moss. To make sure the complete roof exchange is avoided replace every split or cracked part immediately while taking good care of the material against moss growth.

Metal Roof:

Metal roofs, although, look real strong and are had enough they cannot be completely trusted. The cost involved in getting these installed is slightly higher than other materials. The material gets bend and wear and tear can cause in extreme case and thus 30-50 years is what the contractors predict.

Clay Roof:

These are the Spanish style clay which have been used for a very long time. They are durable and can give you 100 years of a peaceful life without getting troubles with your roof. To get the best output you can make sure to replace cracked tiles whenever witnessed and life would be fine.

Slate Roof:

Last but not the least is the slate roof. Now this material is the oldest material and by far the most reliable one. The durability of this material is unbelievable. It is known to remain for 100+ years and the evidence of that is clear since the roofs that were built at the time of Shakespeare are still intact. To make sure that things go smooth check for broken or damaged tile and replace it as soon as possible. The truss strength should be adequate and so should be the flashing to make it worth the while.The above information would really helpful for you to chose the best roofing material for your perfect roof.

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