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10 Ways to Reinvent Your freelance career

by Lisa smith (writer), , January 09, 2018

Freelancing gives freedom to choose time and work. A freelancer enjoys the independence of choosing the nature and hours of work. Like a regular employee, a freelancer is not bound to work under rigid

Freelancing gives freedom to choose time and work. A freelancer enjoys the independence of choosing the nature and hours of work. Like a regular employee, a freelancer is not bound to work under rigid rules and policies. The only rules that apply are related to their current work alone. A freelancer might not enjoy allowances, regular salary, or other perks. However, if you want to look at the silver lining, a successful freelancer is far more self-disciplined in his/her work compared to a regular employee.

The onus of success or failure is on the efforts of the freelancer alone. There are pools of opportunities flying around. If you are a professional with multiple skills, you can choose different projects and quench your thirst for creativity. For instance, if you are a graphic designer with good writing skills, you can take up designing and writing as well. Time management is an essential skill for a freelancer.

1.Self Promote your skills on social media

There are umpteen social media platforms, forums, and blogging sites on the internet. All you need to do is form a structure, arrange your skills and display them properly on these platforms. Job hunting sites are passé. If you are looking at global exposure, you can choose any of these platforms that are deemed to give exposure to your skills and experience. The response you get is the best way to know if your skills have a requirement in the respective industry you are vying for. LinkedIn, Facebook, and many other platforms have recruiters looking for potential employees and freelancers. There are also many portals dedicated to listing various jobs for freelancers.

2. Research for options in your field of interest

When exploring new fields, you can research the skill set for the kind of work you are looking at. You can spend time taking personality tests as well. This will give you an insight into the kind of job that suits your personality. You will not feel like a fish out of water or a misfit when you make such an informed decision. Make a list of clients and mail them your portfolio. The feedback that you receive will help you explore yourself better.

3. Create a plan and work diligently

The best career to pursue is the one that you are passionate about. By creating an action plan, you will get a better perspective on how to proceed further with your new job. You can explore the market and look into the kinds of job profiles that exist in the sphere of your interest. Gather information about a work profile of your interest. Make a list of skills that you have and the one that you can enhance. You can start self-initiated projects and build an impressive portfolio. You don't have to put the works from your client on display alone. Self-initiated work gets more thumbs up for being proactive and a self-starter. It speaks for your abilities and personality.

4. Hone new skills

Writers who have been writing documentation and technical guides, for instance, can take up creative writing or journalism. This will let you explore a newer area within the same field. This is also a consistent way to grow in a field. Do what you love to do, but change the method and style of doing it. Think of new avenues and opportunities where you can grow as a professional as well as an individual.

5. Build a career that you love

Passion plays a major part in choosing a career of your choice and listening to your true calling. This kind of an epiphany can happen at any point in time. When you realize what your true calling is, hone skills, learn all that you need to and hop in the direction of your passion. There are people who haven't had the wonderful opportunity of going to a business school, yet they have succeeded in building million dollar businesses, starting from scratch. When you explore yourself, look into your likes and dislikes and make a choice based on your strengths and interests, the chances of failing are slim. There will be umpteen challenges, but there will be a pleasure hidden in overcoming those challenges when you choose work out of love.

6. When you follow passion, money will follow

When you choose a work based on your passion, you will devote yourself to giving your best consistently. This is because the choice that you make out of love and passion for work propels you on a path that is not yet taken. You will not make a choice based on monetary gains alone. You will lead a fulfilling life. This is because you are making a conscious choice of living a life that is not based on material and opportunities alone. Your work will give you more meaning and fruits of labor.

7. Have some fun before you take up new work

Go on a vacation; take a break, clear your mind before reinventing your career. This will give you time to think and plan. You can also use this time to polish your skills and create a better portfolio. You can attend events, workshops, and network in the areas related to the field of your interest. This will bring in new contacts as well as new and exciting opportunities. Take a look at your previous profile and analyze the skills that you have been lacking.

8. Track assignments using technology

When you begin to reinvent the freelancing career, you can make use of tools that help you keep the assignments well organized and manage time. Tools like Google Calendars, Insights, etc help in managing the projects. You can update the workflow in them and be more productive. Using technology to keep track of your work simplifies your life. You can get more work done within a given time frame once you can view the workflow through these tools.

9. Enhance your productivity and stamina

You can make use of Freelance productivity tools from the list of apps and tools available for the same. Also, keep your mind and body aligned so you can turn down distractions and have a singular focus. You are in a way, reinventing yourself, before reinventing your career. The productivity and stamina can increase when you maintain healthy habits. This comes to say that diet and sleep habits must be taken care of.

10. Groom yourself and be presentable

In a professional sphere, appearance matters. You don't have to wear a Chanel or a Prada, however, a neat and a well-groomed countenance speak volumes about your self-image. These are the tips for creative freelancers who can follow them to reinvent their careers. Flip on some fashion magazines or work with an image consultant to get a professional image. People also judge you by the way you look and carry yourself. Your body language, the tone of your voice, your behavior matters in the professional world.

Sometimes, your career seems stagnated. You can take the hard look at where do you want to go in life and make changes to your attitude, skills, and time management. To keep learning and keep exploring is the mantra on reinventing yourself as a freelancer. You will find more joy and independence in doing your work.

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