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How to Increase Your Chances of Winning at an Online Casino

by Editor (editor), , December 07, 2017

Today, we share some of our top tips on increasing your winning chances every time you play at an online casino.

While we all focus on fun, security and bonuses when choosing an online casino to play at, there is no getting away from the fact that when we play, we play to win. It is an inescapable fact that many casino games involve an element of luck, but the difference between someone who plays and someone who plays to win simply comes down to the latter seeking out the edges that ultimately reflect in their bankroll. Today, we share some of our top tips on increasing your winning chances every time you play at an online casino.

Ensure Your Loyalty is Rewarded

Just as virtually every casino offers players the opportunity to pick up a bonus when they sign up, many of them will also reward players just for playing. Some players see this as small bonuses that can often even be ignored, but smart players seek out the casinos that offer tangible, worthwhile rewards as part of their loyalty schemes. If you’re going to be spinning the reels and playing the tables anyway, then you might as well take a couple of notches off that house edge by making the rewards work for you.

Among some of the factors to look out for are casinos that reward loyalty equally across all games, so that you receive the same bonuses and incentives for the same stakes no matter what you play, and also a casino that offers loyalty benefits with no turnover requirements. Your actual rewards will often vary by tier, and VIP players will almost always receive better treatment, but even if you are brand new to any online casino, you can work your way through the levels and receive real rewards along the way.

Know Your Game

Whether you like to read, watch videos or even play the games in practice mode, there are so many resources out there today that there is no excuse at all not to know all about your chosen game before you decide to play it for real. Knowing that a certain casino bonus turns over quicker on one game than another can enhance your action, for example, while being aware of whether a slot is high or low volatility can affect your staking plans. If you settle on blackjack, you can be confident that massive swings are unlikely, but if you’re playing Joker Pro, you can burn through a chunk of your balance before anything of significance even happens. Familiarise yourself with the rules, features and any jackpots on your game of choice, including any minimum stake requirements for the latter, and you’ll no longer be mindlessly spinning but essentially actively playing to win.

Take Advantage of Your Host’s Hospitality

We have touched on casino bonuses already, but they genuinely can be the difference between winning and losing, even when you take turnover requirements into account. You’ll notice that the theme throughout this feature is playing smart, so we head back to the low volatility games to give us the best chance of being able to turn the bonus cash into real cash.

Perhaps one of the smartest ways to play of them all is to take all of the risk out of the equation. We all know of deposit match bonuses, which are basically as old as casinos themselves, but it can be a great move to take advantage of the increasing popularity of no deposit bonuses. It is by no means difficult to find the top no deposit bonus codes and they enable players to experience real casino action without any commitment at all. The turnover requirements remain, but they are often no more difficult to achieve than with any other bonus and you can either get a new casino account off to a great start or boost up an existing balance without having to dip into your own pocket.

Have a Strategy and Stick to It

Even the most successful casino players don’t win each and every time they log in, but what they do have is an overall strategy for their play. They know what bonuses are on offer where, leverage their loyalty rewards to improve their odds and know the games that they play inside and out. Furthermore, they know how much they plan to bet over the course of any session and accept when it’s not their day. In knowing their games well, they can also get the feeling of when a machine is ‘hot’ – it does happen online just as much as it does in a land based casino. We always advocate responsible gaming but that doesn’t just mean a set and forget approach to play limits; it means putting the effort into your play to ensure that it’s optimal.

As noted, there are certainly always elements of luck involved when playing at an online casino, but by paying close attention to how you’re playing and putting the work in to make sure your play conditions are perfect, you can ensure that you’ll be reaping the rewards a long way down the line. It doesn’t have to be at the expense of fun either, as while it is very important to enjoy yourself when playing, we think you’ll agree that everything is always a lot more fun when you’re winning!

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