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EOS and Noosphere by Max Polyakov participated in First International Drones Conference by FAI

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , November 17, 2017

Representatives of Max Polyakov’s Noosphere and EOS attended First International Drones Conference, organized by FAI in Lausanne.


Image credit: FAI via Flickr

The 1st International Drones Conference and Expo by FAI became apart of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Drone Days 2017. The three-day event was held from September 1 till 3 and brought Max Polyakov’s EOS together with the major participants in the world of drones in the fourth largest city of Switzerland - Lausanne.

High-ranking guests included the presidents of the American Aerial Sports League and the Australian Model Association of Aeronautics attended the first Drone Days.

During 3 days of the Conference, a large number of questions concerning innovations and further development and use of drones were raised. The total number of speakers was more than 35 people, and their speeches covered a variety of topics including the agricultural use of drones and the global safety of their use.

The conference speakers panel started with an introductory statement by FAI President Frits Brink, who spoke about the importance of state involvement in the planning and development of the policy of safe possession and use of drones. Such policies would expand the opportunities for closer cooperation of state institutions with engineers and developers regarding the safe usage of drones for solving everyday tasks.

Vladimir Vasiliev, CTO of EOS Inc., which was founded by Max Polyakov in 2016, during his speech focused on the role of private drones for terrestrial visualization and its further analysis based on his own experience with image processing technology.

Meanwhile, another speaker, John Langford, provided interesting statistics on the number of registered drone owners where there were 770,000 people versus 320,000 for manned aircraft, again underlining the importance of supporting unmanned aircraft.

The second day was even more informative. A representative of Max Polyakov’s Association Noosphere Mikhail Ryabokon made a report on the use of drones in sports competitions. Mr. Ryabokon focused on the growing popularity of this kind of sport not only in Ukraine, but all over the world.

An example for his speech Mr. Ryabokon brought up the Copter Race 2017 competition which was held in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro. This competition was organized by Association Noosphere, the brainchild of Max Polyakov, a non-governmental organization that mentors and supports various educational and technological initiatives in Europe.

During the conference, various workshops were held. With the support of Douglas Burnet from the Aviation League of Sport, everyone was able to use modern technologies with their own hands and understand more about the structures, features, and the details of drone operation. Douglas Burnet noted, “Drone sports are an excellent additional opportunity for young people to find additional sources of communication and exchange useful information. There are no age limits for this kind of sport.” To confirm this he said "today the most successful pilot in the race is a 16 year old boy." He also stated ”it is very important to foster interest of young people in engineering, and drones can help with this like nothing else!” This sentiment is deeply shared by Max Polyakov and Association Noosphere through their work.

The third day of the conference was a day for practice. Visitors could take a look at technologies that were presented earlier by lectures. A large number of drones went up in the air that day to showcase the latest technology and technical solutions.


Image credit: 'FAI via Flickr

People have always wanted to conquer the air. There is nothing strange about this, but thanks to the development of technology it has become much simpler. Today, Drone Sports has opened up opportunities that many have strive for. This sport has breathed new life into the more than 100-year tradition of aeromodelling and launching of aircraft and Max Polyakov’s EOS and Noosphere will continue to be part of the new aeronautical future to come.

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