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Truly Easy and Effective Ways to Boost Your Creativity

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , November 16, 2017

Read on to find some of the easiest ways to boost your creativity.


It can get really frustrating when its feels like there is an endless war between you and creativity. Instead of getting worked up about not being able to get in the zone, you can focus on getting your mind where you need it to be by taking simple proactive steps.

You must have heard all your life that it’s the right side of the human brain that controls creativity. However, new studies have found that creativity actually involves the whole brain. Highly creative people use one part of the brain for memory and attention at the same time that they use another part for imagination.

You might also have thought that your creativity depends on your IQ, but that is false as well. There is a host of moral, motivational, emotional, and intellectual characteristics that inform creativity. New information like this lets us understand the brain better, which can be useful for learning how best to boost creativity.

Read on to find some of the easiest ways to boost your creativity.

Do something you love to do

Often, the most creative people in any industry or field are those who really love what they do. If you are not as creative as you think you should be, perhaps you need to find a niche you find more enjoyable.

Love and creativity work hand in hand and when you understand that emotion plays a significant role in creative processes, you will learn how to enhance your creativity better. So, when you are in need of a boost, try taking a break and working on a hobby you truly love.

Create a problem for yourself


The last thing you want is another problem to deal with, however, restricting yourself is one of the easiest ways you can force yourself to be creative.

For example, if you are used to writing 2,000-word fiction stories, try restricting a story you would have written in 2,000 words to 500 words or less. The same applies to any endeavour you might find yourself engaged in. While we are often asked to think outside the box, sometimes you have to force yourself to think within the box and even reduce the size of the box.

Try nootropics

If you are familiar with nootropics, you would know that they can be used to enhance about any function of the human brain. If you have never tried them before or are completely new to the concept, Nootropic Geek has an excellent introduction to the topic.

Nootropic supplements would normally have different effects on different people and what might work for someone else might not necessarily work for you. Nootropics can be a lifesaver at times when you need to be super creative but you just haven't been able to get into the vibe.

Mind you, the best nootropics take time to work, so they are not exactly what you might call a quick fix. However, there are other options that will it work relatively fast. So, pick whatever options suit you best, depending on your needs.

Steal ideas

If we are completely honest with ourselves, it would be easy to see that nothing really is original. Creative persons are not creative because they are great at coming up with stuff out of the blue, rather, they are creative because they are able to make connections between existing ideas that other people failed to connect.

Stealing ideas does not mean you literally steal someone else's idea, but it means that you put your mind to work to notice things and make meaningful connections that no one else would.

Try something new


Sometimes, even if we find ourselves doing something we absolutely love, it can get to that point where it feels like we have lost our creative juices. At such times, it will help to do something different.

For example, if you are a writer and are having a hard time putting out any good work, it might help to take a break and practice a bit of photography.

This approach can be applied to about any field as the break you take might end up being just what you need to infuse some new ideas into your regular work. You don't have to be a pro at whatever it is you decide to try out, it is the actual fact of doing it that matters.

In conclusion, while it would have been grand to be able to push a button to flick on your creativity whenever you hit those all too familiar lows, we have not been blessed with that kind of luxury. The great thing about creativity is it never wears out. With the right methods and proper approach, you will only get better at maintaining an optimal level of creativity.

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