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How to Select the Perfect CMMS Solution for your Business

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , October 30, 2017

So, let us look at few defined steps that can help you choose the right package, based on logic and analytics.

Although CMMS software is a great help for any organization, yet it is very important to make the right choice. There are multiple mobile CMMS service providers in the market and each maintenance system comes with a variety of features, so it is necessary to identify the package that would bring value to your business, along with ensuring highest return on investment.

While comparing these CMMS, do keep in mind the nature of your business and the objective that you wish to achieve with this software. While evaluating this software, the best practice is to address your needs and score the CMMS package as per their attributes and functionality. For instance, if you are a manufacturing company, then it is important that the software should be able to provide tech support, vendor track record, overall maintenance report and analytical support to measure the growth.

So, let us look at few defined steps that can help you choose the right package, based on logic and analytics.

Form a core CMMS selection team

You can involve your facility managers and the maintenance team to help you in this selection process. Having them as your core selection team can bring in fresh insights on the existing process and operations and give you a clear idea of the exact functionalities and solutions required for your business.

Calculate the Growth prospective

The nature of any business is dynamic; therefore, the solution should also be flexible to put up with the growing nature of change. Check if the software can be upgraded, does it allow addition of new features. These questions are very essential, before investing. Make sure you invest good amount of time in selecting the system, so that for the next few years, you can use it without any problem.

Define all Functionalities

Some functions that you might need to look in detail are if the software allows you to create, track and edit data. Next as per the nature of your business, check if the system addresses the critical aspects, such as report making, sending commands, creating a preventive maintenance report and signal system alerts. Further note, if the software can be upgraded in future to accommodate additional features.

The usability factors

After purchasing the software, if you find it too complicated to use, then that might be a great cause of worry. Therefore, check if the solution is easy to adapt and use. Also find out if those who would finally use this software are able to understand and implement it in their daily work life. The ease of using the system is a very important factor; user-friendly softwares can make life easy for all.

Live Consultation and Demonstration

Always ask for a live demonstration of the system. This will give you a fair idea of the software functionalities. While taking the demo, ask your queries and see if they address your need. Based on this demo, you can later sit with your core team and match the features to your daily requirement. You can place a score card and rate each system as per their functions, goal settings and usability.

Review Top Providers

When you do your research on the software feedback, you will also know the top providers in the segment. Make an objective decision, see which service provider’s; software has all the functions that are required for your business. Based on this analysis, take your decision.

CMMS is a huge investment, so it is important to follow the right process to identify the perfect solution for your business. Once you have made the right selection, the software will ease out the pain areas of your business and improve your profits in the long run.

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