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Wanna be a writer? Jot down these essential points to stand

by Editor (editor), , October 25, 2017

Below mentioned are some pointers that helped me engage the readers with every masterpiece I create:

Being a writer is an exhilarating job but at the end, it is all worth it. It is said only in few professions you can create your masterpiece and writing is one such profession. When I started writing, I dreamt of being a freelance writer penning her thoughts down and transforming world but soon I realized the inner transformation I felt. Writing is not about creating a revolution but it is about making people think and relate. There are many books in the market on persuasive writing or how to become a billionaire with freelance writing; some are available at discount here Bydiscountcodes

But over the years I have created my own technique that helped me create a theme of the article, make the readers think and get positive feedback. Below mentioned are some pointers that helped me engage the readers with every masterpiece I create:

  • Getting into clients mind: Understanding the person or company for whom you are writing is the first step. What are their motivations? What is their ulterior motive? Whether they want an SEO base content or they need an in-depth researched paper? Whether they want a blog, guest post article or a synopsis? Getting inside the clients mind is the key to creating a perfect write-up as he will be your first reader.
  • Creating your own central idea: After meeting your client, it is essential to understand the topic and know your insights. Most of the writers are either vague of the subject and jump to research on Google or they adopt their client's opinion. When you will not have your own opinion how will you research and question the opposition? So take a hypothesis and based on that central idea dig into the matter.
  • Researching before Writing: Every story. Every topic, every debate has many faces and if a writer wants to write a non-biased write-up then it is essential to know every facet and then write. That is why research and jotting down popular opinions is very important as it will act as a framework for the article/blog. This will not only give you a clear idea but will also save your time to research on the internet every time you sit down to write.
  • Making a solution-oriented content: Starting with a question or a problem is fine but if the write-up is full of questions or facts and lacks solution seems like a waste of time. If a person wanted to know just facts then he would have just watched news why bother reading such a long article? When readers opt for reading a blog or article they are basically looking for answers. So rather than echoing their problems or question try answering with productive solutions.
  • Concluding: Always conclude with a conclusion to make the article complete. It is not just the part of the format but gives the reader a sense of closure with a solution.

To conclude, making a successful writer is not just limited to these points but it is a work in progress as learning never stops in life and so doesn’t a writer’s thoughts and their pen. So if you are thinking of becoming a writer, blogger or a freelancer just dive in the ocean and let your thoughts flow.

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