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Eight Common Roofing Myths Dispelled

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , October 20, 2017

Following are the common roofing myths:-

People propagate roofing myths even they do not have any knowledge about it. These are the myths that create the hindrance for re-roofing with required materials. Myths not only create the loss for the roofing industry but also bring the house owner in a state of the problem. Following are the common roofing myths:-

Re-roofing on existing material is achievable:

The actual scenario is that it is not feasible to re-roof the material on the existing roof. It is because there is always a requirement of a new-fangled place and sheeting for the new roof. You would take yourself in a trouble of high expense if you adopted the strategy.

It is convenient for everyone to repair the roof or install a new roof:

The second myth is also false because roofing is an intricate task and it is not the job of everyone to work with it. Experts have the tools and ways that they use for installing for with particular material. They know what approach is best for repairing the roof with a unique problem. If you want that the roofing project should complete with safety, then you should hire a professional for this task.

Metal roof resists the formation of ice and water dams:

The myth about the metal roof is also not accurate as the metal roof can prevent ice. There are other functions and features of metal such as preventing transmission of heat inside the house. Only standardized ventilation and 0proper insulation can prevent the ice dams. Roofing shingle does not perform this task.

Your house would be warmer with Metal Roof:

People say that metal gets warm in the sunlight, but they do not know when there is insulation of the roofing material then your home would not have the mild effect. Do not get into the myth and use the metal roof without being worried.

There is a similarity between all kinds of Asphalt shingles:

The statement about the asphalt shingles is not right as there is a wide variety of materials in asphalt shingles. The colors and texture of asphalt shingles are not same; they differ from each other very much. Many other factors make it much clear that the roofing material is excellent.

The resale value of home decrease if it has a metal roof:It is also untrue that your house would have less value with a metal roof. These kinds of myths reduce the sale of the roofing material as people do not buy the material for their new house. The fact is opposite the myth as roofing material can increase the resale value of the home.

There is no need of maintenance of roofing material for long-term:
It is also factual about the new material of roof as rain, snow, and hail can even damage the new roof if you would not take care of it. There is a requirement of regular inspection of roofing materials for making it serve you for a longer period.

If there is no leakage on flashing, then there is no fault in the roof:
It is clear that leakage is an evident sign. However, when there is no leakage, then it does not mean that water is not penetrating in the shingles. There can be extensive damage to your roof if you would not get special services of inspection of your roof from a good company. You can talk to a Roofing contractors Michigan.

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