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How To Get Back Your Face Glow After Getting Sun Tan

by Editor (editor), , October 18, 2017

There are a few useful, safe and proven tips that will help you get back your lost radiance in just a few months.

Who doesn’t want a glowing, and confidence looking face? Sun tan is what most of the women are scared of as it can cause skin ailments. The intense and harmful UV rays of the skin make the skin dark and rough. If you have got your skin tanned, there are a few useful, safe and proven tips that will help you get back your lost radiance in just a few months.

What is the harmful impact of sun tanning?

Summertime generally translates to tanning season. Getting sunburn puts you at a greater risk of developing skin cancer. It also leads to early aging of the skin in a person. If you are wishing for a sun-kissed tan look, then the best way would be to use sunless tanning products. These products contain melanotan peptide that makes a protective shield on the skin. This shield helps in saving one from the harmful impact of the UV rays of the sun.


Exfoliate before your sun tanning session. This act will help in removing dead, and dry skin cells. One is advised to spend an extra time in exfoliating areas that have thick skin like knees, ankles and elbows. You can use a light moisturizing and exfoliating body scrub. Avoid bar and liquid soaps as it can act as a hindrance to the bronzing process. It can even make the color of the skin dreaded “orange”.

Don’t use makeup or lotions

It is very important that you stop applying lotion and cosmetic products on your skin. Moisturize your skin following the tanning session and not before the session. If you apply moisturizer before application to bronzing spray, then it will not get fully absorbed into the skin. Post application will make its impact last for a longer time.

If you are feeling very dry, then you can use the spare amount of lotion minimum two hours before to the tanning session. Ensure that you apply petroleum jelly to the nailbeds and cuticles to remove excess of accumulated color in those areas. Use of products that have melanotan peptide in them gives your skin a natural-looking tan.

Wear right clothes

The type of clothes you wear also shows the type of sun tan you get. It is recommended to wear comfortable and lose-fitting clothing during your sun tanning session. One can prefer wearing dark clothes as dark color has the abilities to get the skin get tanned quickly.

Till the time your tan is set, you should not wear jewelry. Constant rubbing of the jewelry against the skin and smudges your tan and would not give you the desired natural sun-tanned look.

Don’t apply perfume

Application of perfume or deodorant is also not advisable. This can result in flaking and blotching of the skin.

Use protective accessories:

Wearing protective gears such as eyewear, and lip balm are very essential to protect these areas to come in contact with the sun tanning products. Ensure that you don’t inhale the products. To prevent this product from entering in your nose, one can also put plugs.

How to get an even tan without harming your skin?

Use bronzing oil to start off with

This kind of self-tanning product only remains on the skin till you get a shower. It is the best product to start off with if you don’t have any prior experience of using it. Apply it evenly all on the exposed areas of the skin. This oil can also be used on a daily basis post shower by people who love the look it imparts to a person.

Use a gradual tanning formula

This is another way to get natural sun kissed look. To get the best effect, select the right shade according to your skin color. People with fair color skin should choose light to the medium color of the product while those with olive skin should go with a dark formula.

Use small amounts of this solution and begin with ankles and reach to torso region. Use circular and gentle hand movements during its application. On dry areas such as elbow and knee, ensure that you apply the product very lightly to get it effectively absorb into the skin.


Getting the skin tanned is one thing that no women would like. So, next time when you get your skin tanned, don’t forget to try these remedial measures.

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