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Three Essential Tips For Home Renovation

by michaelsanduso (writer), , October 17, 2017

It always pays to be prepared, especially when it comes to making big financial decisions.

Renovations are a big step for a homeowner to undertake and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the entire process. If you haven’t planned a home improvement project before, you might not know where to even begin. Here is a list of essential tips to help you get a strong start on your renovation.

1. Focus on Practicality

While it’s nice to imagine all the new trends and gadgets you can add to your house, you should prioritize your renovations on a scale of practicality. While installing a living room chandelier or a large walk-in closet are tempting ideas, these features will be more cosmetically appealing than functional.

Start your renovation with essential fixes, like replacing your old windows. Old windows can leak and the moisture can lead to big problems like rotting, warping and mold. Old windows can also be poorly insulated, which means that heat can escape the property during the winter and cool air can escape during the summer. Installing high-quality energy-efficient windows will prevent drafts and regulate the temperature indoors. You will also reduce your carbon footprint and the cost of energy bills, because new windows will make you less dependent on air-cooling and heating technologies. Prioritizing an element like windows can improve your physical and financial comfort much more than a trendy addition.

2. Be Careful With Your Budget

There is nothing quite as concerning as hearing “over-budget” during the process of a renovation. Many homeowners underestimate the costs of renovating, which puts them in a precarious financial position. This does not mean that you should never renovate your house — or worse, this does not mean that you should risk a cheap or rushed project. It means that you need to be strategic in your home improvement plans by doing your research, prioritizing features that need fixing and setting realistic expectations. It’s also advisable to have some money set aside for “wiggle room”, so that you can avoid committing to a project without panicking about going over-budget.

3. Contact the Professionals

As much as you can take pride in DIY renovations, it’s not the most commendable course of action. Risking a poorly installed door or mismatched tiling is not worth the money saved — especially since you will pay more to repair the mistakes. Developers and designers are there to help you with your project and to eliminate the burden of labour from your shoulders. Before committing to any particular contractor, do your research by looking at the results of previous projects or by speaking with their previous clients. An important question to ask contractors what suppliers they prefer, so that you can confirm they use reliable materials.

It always pays to be prepared, especially when it comes to making big financial decisions. Make practical decisions, don’t underestimate the costs, and find reliable project developers to guarantee a smooth start. Following this essential how-to guide will get you to start your renovation on the right track.

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