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Paintings by Russian Artists

by Editor (editor), , October 09, 2017

Here's 10 most expensive paintings by Russian artists that can be yours.

Paintings by Russian artists have long been auctioned by Sotheby’s and Christie’s to wealthy buyers and can even be found in many museums of art all over the World.

Connoisseurs of art admire Russian painting and collectors spend millions dollars to own these masterpieces. Here's 10 most expensive paintings by Russian artists that can be yours if you bet on Euromillions lottery and are lucky enough to land the winning jackpot.

1. Kazimir Malevich – 60 million dollars


The painting saw the light of day in 1916 and stayed with the artist until June 1927. Malevich exhibited his work in the Grosse Berliner Kunstausstellung in Berlin when it was sold to German architect Hugo Hering, who then sold it to the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. It stayed there for the next 50 years. After 17 years of legal battle over the painting’s ownership, the painting was returned to heirs of the artist. In November, 2008 it was sold at an auction. In 2012, they managed to obtain another painting by their prominent ancestor from a museum in Switzerland.

2. Wassily Kandinsky — 22.9 million dollars

This painting is exhibited in a private museum in Switzerland, although rich collectors continue to approach the museum with offers for the spectacular piece.

3. Alexej von Jawlensky — 9. 43 million pounds

This is an expressive painting of a country girl living outside of Munich with the nickname Schokko who would always ask the artist for a cup of coffee.

4. Marc Chagall — 16.3 million dollars

This highly personal painting depicts a flight with the artist’s wife, the story which may be found in many paintings by Chagall. It dates to 1923.

5. Natalia Goncharova — 6.43 million pounds

The majority of Natalia’s works are rather expensive and for a good reason. Recently, a collection of over 300 paintings by Goncharova unknown to the public has been unearthed and may be soon put up for auction.

6. Nicolai Fechin — 6.95 million pounds

Born in Kazan, Nicolai immigrated to the USA in 1923. His works are displayed in different countries but over the years his art gained more prominence. Today, his paintings have some of the highest price tags in auctions.

7. Ilya Repin — 4.52 million pounds

Possibly one of the most famous paintings by a Russian artist, Parisian Café was exhibited just three times since a collector from Sweden purchased it 95 years ago.

8. Vasily Polenov — 4.07 million pounds

A painting depicting a Biblical scene was fortunately enough to escape the tragic demise of the Titanic as it was meant to be transported on the doomed ship.

9. Konstantin Somov — 3.7 million pounds

Somov’s painting Rainbow was purchased for this huge sum in 2007, the year before the economic crisis broke out. This made it the most expensive painting bought during Russian Auction Week, several days when auctions only sell Russian Art.

10. Ilya Kabakov — 2.9 million pounds

This interesting piece titled Beetle by Ilya Kabakov captures the soul of Moscow conceptualism whose works have become the dream of any collector.

Any one of these paintings is a gem with tremendous historic and cultural significance behind its creation.

Russian artists differ from their European counterparts both in technique and themes. This had made these paintings extremely valuable because of what they represent. Their hefty price tags add to their exclusivity, making it possible for only a few selected buyers to be able to afford them.

Still, the importance of art in the lives of people is evident from the fact that many lottery winners set out to buy priceless paintings right after they win the jackpot.

It’s not uncommon for auction houses Christie’s and Sotheby’s to note a spike in sales in the weeks after the Euromillions results are made known. As the latest jackpot has rolled over several times to a sum that will make the winner one of the richest people in the world upon guessing it – they will surely be able to afford any of these 10 paintings by Russian artist on this list.

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