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How to Make Your Vacuum Bags Smelling Fresh

There is a lot of Reasons your need to get your Vacuum Cleaner Neat & Clean. This article will take you through all the Possible way to keep your Vacuum Cleaner Smell Fresh.

Your vacuum can help you out a lot when you are cleaning, however, if you do not take proper care of it can start contributing to the mess by emitting odor. This odor will keep getting worse, and with it, your vacuum’s performance will also begin to diminish, since the problem is mostly related to the vacuum bags.But you can prevent this by following these tips on how your branded vacuum bags can smell fresh.

1.Change Filters Of Your Vacuum

Filters are quite an important part of your vacuum cleaner. They filter out the dust, dirt and many kinds of allergens from escaping back. However, these filters also have limited life duration, and this means that you are required to change them after a certain period. Always get the most reliable filter since they are critical for the safety of your and family’s health.

2.Clean Your Vacuum Itself

It is quite possible that the vacuum might require cleaning itself. Take a cleaning cloth and soak it a little bit. After that, start wiping down the vacuum to remove any sort of dust that might be left on it. If it still smells, disassemble the vacuum and look for any sort of blockage. Usually, it is pet hairs if you have any pets around in the house and it might be clogging the intake valves which might be causing the odor and performance issues with your vacuum.

3.Introduce Perfume Pads

Perfume pads are also very helpful if you are trying to eliminate the odor of your branded vacuum bags. Usually, they are used to counter the smell of odor. However, you can also use them as a freshener. Buy perfume pads of your taste and place them on the top filter, and when you start vacuuming, you will notice a significant reduction in the odor and a presence of scent.

4.Use Food Items:


A bit odd but a very effective method to eliminate odor is to make use of cinnamon. Since cinnamon has a very strong smell, you can sprinkle some of it in the vacuum bags when you are using the vacuum, and it will start counteracting the odor with a fresh scent. If you do not like cinnamon as an option, we recommend using other food items with a strong smell, such as coffee beans. Moreover, if you have dark colored carpet, you can simply drop some on it and vacuum away.

b.Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is known as an anti-odor agent, and it can be quite helpful in eliminating the odor of your branded vacuum bags. There are two ways to do it. One way is by introducing Backing soda directly to the vacuum with cinnamon, and it will start acting as an odor neutralizer. Another method is to disassemble your vacuum cleaner and clean its hose, filters, and canister with the mixture of baking soda and water and then let it soak before using it again.

c.Dryer sheet or Orange Peel

You can also use a dryer sheet or an orange peel that can create a great scent when you are using the vacuum. Simply insert a dryer sheet and orange peel into the new vacuum bag through the hole that attaches them through the vacuum or stashes it in the filter cavity, and whenever you are using the vacuum, it will release a refreshing scent and eliminate the odor.

5.Clean The Vacuum Bag With Warm Water

You should regularly change interior vacuum bag as well as, wash the exterior bag. This can eliminate odor since these bags usually trap dust, dirt and other materials that can start to smell after some time. Many branded vacuum bags are washable so wash them in warm water for better cleaning.

By following these steps, your vacuum will most likely stop emitting smell. Have we missed something in the article that might be helpful too thier? Then surely mention it in the comment section below!

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