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Care Alternatives That Enable You To Live In Your Own Home

by Editor (editor), , September 21, 2017

Living in your own home whilst receiving care is preferable isn't it? Here we look at how this could work for you, and what to do next.

Care homes are places where you can access round the clock care if you need it, and you can socialise with other people your age, as well as getting food, help with cleaning and general physical and emotional support.

However, it may be that you want to remain at home for many reasons. Maybe you have a pet, a partner, you love your house and belongings, you love your neighbourhood, you hate the idea of being in a care home. This is all completely normal, in fact the Live-In Care Hub recently found in their Better At Home Report that 97% of people would rather have in home care if they became frail or unwell.

How At-Home Care Can Help You

In home care services, otherwise known as domiciliary services, provide a wide range of services to help people just like you stay in their own home whilst receiving the help to do so. Commonly, at-home care can help you:

  • Get up and out of bed in the morning
  • Get washed
  • Get dressed
  • Maintain your own standard of personal appearance with makeup and grooming
  • Go to the toilet
  • With having food and drink available to consume
  • Get your prescriptions
  • Take medication
  • Get the nursing help you need
  • With shopping
  • Collecting pensions and benefits
  • Manage your finances
  • Socialise
  • Attend social events and hobby groups
  • Get ready for bed

This kind of help is extremely useful to somebody who wants to stay living at home, but needs help with it. For relatives it provides respite and tremendous peace of mind.

Private Care Agencies

Private care agencies are agencies that provide you with qualified individuals who can provide all of the above, as well as additional services such as dog walking, doing the laundry, cleaning the home, gardening and maintaining the home. This can be provided by people visiting your home, or by a full time live-in carer who does all of the jobs you need as well as providing round the clock care to you.

Home Care & Home Helps

There is such a wide range of differences between different home care services and it is important to understand how they all vary. A home help is generally somebody who pops around at set times of the day to do specific care jobs. Home care is generally more involved and can be as intensive as a person living with you 24/7. The point is, that there is an option for anybody wanting to receive care at home, and it is as flexible as you want it to be. You can have a 24/7 companion of your choice who also provides nursing care if you want. The only snag is the finances and it is important to calculate the costs of at-home care compared to say, a care home. The UK Care Guide has calculators you can use to work out the cost of the different options, along with information on how to work out if you qualify for help towards care.

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