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3 Fun Ways To Pick Your Lottery Numbers

by lenardjohnson (writer), , September 20, 2017

Let’s face it: it can get tough thinking up 6 unique Powerball numbers twice a week – every time Wednesday or Saturday rolls around you’re always thinking about what’s coming next.

You might be the kind of person that likes to stick with a set of numbers and not shake things up, which is understandable if those numbers are significant or have been lucky for you in the past.

Every now and then, though, it’s fun to try something different, so check out and comb through the upcoming jackpots, pick which one you want to play (or maybe just play them all!) and throw caution to the wind by trying an outrageous way of picking numbers. The following three ways of picking numbers are real, and people have been using them for years to court success in the Powerball.

Your star sign

One common (if unorthodox) way of picking Powerball numbers is to use your star sign, because, after all, if it can help you in dating, it can probably help you on your way to the big jackpot! Each star sign, on any given week, comes with its lucky numbers and it’s just a matter of Googling your zodiac sign along with “lucky numbers” to get easy access to your cosmically auspicious set of numbers. Proponents of this method swear by its ancient knowledge, citing the movements of celestial bodies and the information divined from them as pretty foolproof predictors of earthly outcomes. Guess there’s only one way to find out!

Your favorite celebrity’s birthday

For this one, you’ll need to pick two of your favorite celebrities – be they actors or singers, artists or models – preferably one male and one female (to keep things even), and figure out their birthdays. What you’ll then do, in order to get your 6 Powerball numbers, is take the day and month they were born (e.g. August 5th would be 8 and 5) and then either their age (if they’re younger than 69) or the last two digits of the year they were born (if they’re older than 69). Just as a little example, let’s take George Clooney – he was born May 6th, 1961, making him 56 years old, so his numbers would be: 5 – 6 – 56. For your Powerball number, choose whichever of the six numbers is closest to your own birthday. It’s a bit out there in terms of choosing methods, but, hey, fortune favors the bold!

“The Tumble Dryer”

This one is definitely a little out there, as the name suggests, but for those who are proponents of the randomness theory – the theory that only true randomness in your numbers can yield fruitful outcomes in a lottery – this is the method for you. In order to pull off “The Tumble Dryer”, you’ll need to buy 69 tennis balls and mark them each 1 to 69, then you’ll put them in a tumble dryer for a minute, opening the door ever so slightly until six roll out. The last one is your Powerball number. You were warned that this is one of the weirder methods out there, but that’s not to say it doesn’t work. After all, it is a homemade parody of the actual lottery machine!

So if you’re tired of picking your numbers the same way each week, or you’re just looking for a fun way to play your favorite game, try these three fun methods for choosing your Powerball number.

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