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Beating the slots

by Editor (editor), , September 15, 2017

But we’ve done a lot of the hard work for you and boiled it down to five things you need to know if you really want to beat the slots.

Ever since the very first one was invented over a century ago by a Californian engineer called Charles Fey, slot machines have captured the imaginations of players all round the world. They’ve long been a feature everywhere from pubs and cafes to motorway service stations but over recent years there have been some big changes to the way people play.

Nowadays online slots are the biggest single earners for online casinos thanks, largely, to the sheer numbers of players that choose them.

As a result the online operators have invested large amounts of money into developing games to appeal to particular groups of players and to be a far more involving and engrossing experience.

So the really savvy players have taken all this on board, identified the sorts of games that they like to play best and figured out how to win at slots. But we’ve done a lot of the hard work for you and boiled it down to five things you need to know if you really want to beat the slots.

Understand the machines

The first thing to do is understand how online slots work. They’re all driven by a piece of software called a Random Number Generator. This ensures that each spin of the reels is completely independent of any that have come before or which follow it. So there’s no such thing as a “lucky” machine and there’s no pattern to look out for. It’s a better idea to play a machine for a while and if you’re not winning it’s time to move on.

Don’t go after progressive jackpots

A feature of online casinos is that they can link many online slots together each with an equal chance of winning a potentially life-changing amount of money in the form of a progressive jackpot. But, like all big prizes, the chance of winning is very small indeed. So the shrewd slots player focuses on the machines with smaller jackpots which are going to be paid out more often.

Look for the best payout rates

All slots have what’s known as an RTP ratio – it stands for Return To Player and it’s the percentage of the money staked that is returned to players in the form of winnings. Usually it’s between around 92% and 96% and most online slots will make theirs known as part of their description. Obviously it’s worth playing games with the highest RTP – but it’s also important to realise that it’s a figure that is calculated over a longer period of time than you’ll probably be playing on a particular machine.

Take all the bonuses you can

It’s a competitive world for online casinos so they offer new players lots of bonuses both to join and to keep playing. Often these include free spins on selected slots and you should grab all of these that are offered – after all, it’s like free money so it’s really too good to turn down.

Take it slowly

Last, but not least, take your play easy because the slower you play the longer your bankroll’s going to last – and that’s going to mean even more fun for you.

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