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How to Prepare Your Best for NEET

by Aalia Hasan (writer), UAE, Dubai, September 19, 2017

NEET is an important entrance examination for engineering and science students and it can be cracked through meticulous preparation strategy, disciplined study regimen, and a positive attitude.

NEET exams are one of the most competitive and coveted engineering entrance exams in the country. Several thousands of students appear for the NEET exams every year and just a minuscule percentage of them are able to crack the exams.

Preparations for NEET exams require meticulous planning and a strong strategy. You will also need to start your preparations well in advance. Some students start their preparation months, even years, ahead of NEET exams. There is nothing that can replace hard work and long-term planning.

Here are some points that can help you to prepare your level best for NEET exams:

1. Know the syllabus well: Before you start preparing for NEET exam, you must know and understand the syllabus. You will need to reduce extra information and lay emphasis on key topics. NEET covers NCERT and you can compare the former’s syllabus with the latter’s and prepare accordingly.

2. Study material: Study materials are your most important weapons and test papers are ammunitions in NEET exams. To equip yourself with the best study materials, you can ask for the suggestions of previous years NEET toppers. The best way to do so is to read their interviews and learn more about their preparation style.

3. Daily study routine: You need to chalk out a daily study routine for effective preparation that allows you enough time to study new topics, take mock tests, work on your weaker areas, and revise your subjects. Your study routine must be realistic in the sense that you can cover your entire syllabus well before the exams.

4. Mock papers and tests: To overcome the time limitation, you need to appear as many mock tests as you can. Mock tests are prepared the same way the actual NEET questions are framed and they will give you an idea about the types of questions that will come in the exams. Your probability of cracking NEET exams is directly proportional to the time spent on practicing mock tests.

5. Work on weaker areas: After you have practiced mock tests, you will get a picture of the subjects you are good at and the areas that are your Achilles heel. You will then need to work on those areas so that you can fetch more marks in the NEET exams.

6. Study breaks: Regular study breaks are important as they give you the chance to refresh your memory and revise the topics you have covered in the study session. It is advisable to take a study break of 10 minutes for every 50 minutes of study. Studying longer hours at a stretch is not fruitful and is counterproductive to your preparation.

7. Make time for the things that you love: It is also important to make time for the things you love and relax for a short interval. If you love working out, make time for your exercise session. If you love music, take time to listen to your favorite band. If you love cooking, go to the kitchen and make yourself a comforting dish. Do the things that de-stress you and refresh your mind.

8. Take care of your health: Amid all the frantic preparation, it is easy to neglect your health, skip meals and exercise. However, these things will only impede your preparation and will detrimental to your success.

9. Get six to seven hours of sleep: Get at least six to seven hours of sleep to function at your level best. A sound sleep is essential for superior memory and cognitive ability.

10. Use technology: Make use of social media, online tools, vlogs, blogs, mobile applications to personalize your NEET preparation methods and make it interesting.

11. Take help from teachers, parents, and friends: Preparing for NEET can get frustrating at times. At such times you can take the assistance of your teachers, parents, friends and all those people whom you trust and who can help you out.

12. Stay positive: Staying positive and remaining calm, composed, and confident will help you to prepare well and cover the syllabus easily. You need to be positive that you can do well in the NEET exams and pass the exams in flying colors. By remaining confident and preparing your subjects with a positive frame of mind you will actually do well.

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