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The Shareable Dessert That’s The Talk Of Every Party

by lenardjohnson (writer), , July 31, 2017

Mochi are extra creamy ice cream balls wrapped in sweet rice dough that typically come in a box, ready to unthaw and enjoy.

When you’re throwing a summer get together, it’s important not to underestimate how big of an impression the food makes. While putting out a few bowls of chips may tide your guests over, what’ll keep them conversing and enjoying their time spent are appetizers and dessert with a little more substance to them. Furthermore, if you take the time to prepare a few signature snacks it’ll show your attendees just how thoughtful of a host you can be. This way, next time you invite them over, they’re sure to RSVP yes.

When preparing the menu for a party, it is important for the flavors and textures served to complement each other; consider this when choosing your desserts as well. When hosting on a hot summer day, serve a cool dessert that will cleanse the palate after those crispy and tangy appetizers – like ice cream. Serving sundaes or scoops to a group of people however, in a way that is timely and organized can become a challenge. Why not try something equally as refreshing that requires a little less prep time, like mochi.

Mochi are extra creamy ice cream balls wrapped in sweet rice dough that typically come in a box, ready to unthaw and enjoy. They are usually made bite-sized which will suit any cocktail event; otherwise they’re designed to encase a whole scoop of ice cream that can be served as is or cut in halves. When purchasing for your gathering, choose a brand that puts quality first like My/Mo Mochi, whose mochi balls are made using minimal amount of air to preserve richness, and who ensure all the real fruit and eggs they use are pasteurized. Their products are also kosher certified. This brand can be found in most major grocery stores including Whole Foods, Kroger, Safeway, and Shoprite — just visit to see the full list of options and availability.

Many of their flavors are highly appropriate for the season, namely their sweet mango mochi – giving your menu that tropical twist, as well as their ripe strawberry mochi – light and bright while also retaining that sweet and juicy quality. The green tea flavor may also pair well with certain snacks – something with a hint of sesame. This flavor can also balance out boldness, especially if you’re already serving fruits like pineapple. The vanilla bean flavor is also timeless and can be paired with cut up fresh strawberries, kiwi, or juicy peaches. Some guests may too enjoy the cool and refreshing quality of the mint-chocolate chip mochi.

The food served at a get together brings people together; it allows them to be present and in the moment with one another without having to fuss about their stomachs. The more thought you put into all aspects of the party, including the food, the more likely the event will be a success. Next time around, include a cool and revitalizing dessert like mochi on the menu; it will conclude the evening on a sweet note and have your guests remembering it fondly – only looking forward to the next one.

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