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Go Help Yourself

by Christopher Gibson (writer), the burbs..., January 21, 2008


Help, it seems, has become a four letter word. Ask any employee at your local retail
establishment for help and their bound to look at you like you cursed at them. You want me to do what? Help you? How dare you? Can't you see I'm busy? Go HELP yourself.

Customer service in this country has gone to from apathetic to non-existent. They guy at the McDonald's drive thru with the big fake diamond earrings in both ears and big $ bling bling necklace won't even look at me. All I get is a hand holding a bag out the window. There's no "Would you like some ketchup" or "Thank you come again". Plus, he seems to get annoyed when I make it a point to tell him "You're Welcome" before driving off. A little common courtesy is all I'm asking for. Am I asking for too much?

Speaking of non-existent customer service, let's talk about self service check outs. Now I admit, these things can be really handy if you're in a hurry and only have a handful of items. I even find myself using them quite often when I'm annoyed and don't want anybody to talk to me. But have you ever been in a store when it's late and you have a cart full of merchandise and the ONLY lane open is a self service lane? It's not easy to check all that stuff out by yourself, and there's certainly not enough room on the little platform that holds the bags to put all your stuff on. To top it off, if you run out of room on the little platform and move some bags out of the way, the register gets angry with you because it's weighing all your merchandise and you messed up it's calculations. It's almost as belligerent as the real employees. I guess it's just poor training.

This downward trend of apathy is only going to become exceedingly worse unless we as consumers take it upon ourselves to try to reverse it. Don't patronize any establishment where common courtesy is not displayed. Make it a point to let management (if they themselves aren't just as pathetic as their employees) know when you have received poor service. Also, make it a point to treat the employees with decency (you know, golden rule) when dealing with them. And last but not least, point out to management when you receive good service (positive reinforcement).

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By 'Mean' Mike Duffau on January 21, 2008 at 06:23 pm

i know exactly what you mean, champ! people don't take pride in their work, and that's why there's too much laziness going around.

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